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Embrilliance Quick Tip: Auto Outline and Inflate Object

New Embrilliance Quick Tip video uploaded today.

Take a few minutes to check this on out!  Its showing off a few features of Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 3 – auto outline and inflate objects – two really cool tools – especially when used together with union.

Even if you don’t have Stitch Artist level 3 yet, check out the video and see what these two tools can do!

With the click of one tool button, you can auto outline quickly and perfectly.  You can auto outline just about any object or lettering.  Once you have added the outline, then you can assign stitches – run, satin, backstitch to name a few.

Once you have completed the outline, then you can make the outline bigger using the second tool – inflate object – and do a few more things with the outline – ignore holes if you are not doing lettering or any design with a hole, and make softer – so that the lines get softer, less sharp and look better.

Once you complete these two steps, you can assign more stitches and change the design once again.

So use a few awesome tools and create some cool embroidery designs quickly and easily in Embrilliance.

Embrilliance Tutorials: Stitch Selection

Busy couple of weeks, but we have quite a few new tutorials for you to view!  All are quick tip videos, but have tons of information in them, and of course all about Embrilliance Embroidery software.  You don’t want to miss any of these videos!!

this first video is all about stitch selections and how you can use them to quickly change parts of your designs – you can select stitches quite a few different ways – lasso, rectangle and brush!  Its easy and fun, and in a few quick steps you can change your amazing designs!

New Quick Tip Video plus More!

New quick tip video just uploaded to youtube! If you subscribe to our youtube channel, you can get email notification every time we upload a new video!

This weeks quick tip video is all about images – when working in studio, how to bring a photo into studio and how to work with images including how to resize any picture. Is your jpeg pixelated? No problem, I show you a few hints an tips on how to work with pixelated jpegs!


I liked the picture so much, I decided to make a whole video on how to digitize the turkey! Its a really cute pic, and the design turned out great! You can check out this new video at OML DIGITIZING and you can learn all about digitizing a turkey to make awesome Thanksgiving designs! You also get the picture with the video, so you can learn and digitize at the same time.

Happy Digitizing!

Embird Editor + Brother Scan N Cut = Perfect Appliqué

If you have ever struggled with cutting out complicated appliqué, there is a solution: Brother Scan N Cut! Its an amazing machine, and its not just for paper! You can use it to cut out your appliqué – and the cut outs are absolutely PERFECT.

Check out my new video and learn how to transform your .PES (or any stitch file) into a file that the Brother ScanNcut understands – you will be surprised at how easy it is to do!


Digitizing: All about Lettering!

All about embroidery lettering!

If you look at any logo design, whether its embroidery or otherwise, lettering is a main part of any design. Whether its a one letter logo, or a logo with a full company name – the message gets through with the lettering.

In this video, we explore the many different ways of creating embroidery lettering. You can learn how to shape the words using an envelope  and change and manipulate words, or move and manipulate different words or even individual lettering. Easily create outlines around the lettering, change the outline design (try using a different stitch for the outline – the effect is awesome) and how to change the stitch type of the lettering itself – you can make it flat with regular stitches, or regular satin stitches or even single stitch letters for small lettering – all with one or two clicks!

Add some creativity and flare to any design, or create shaped lettering all on its own. Take your embroidery skills to the next level and learn to do embroidery lettering.

How to create beautiful appliqué

What is appliqué?  it is an embroidery technique that you can add some material to your design to add some color and style to just about any embroidery design.  Keep the appliqué simple and you won’t go wrong.  Adding appliqué adds interest to your whole design – you can add different materials as a background and take a simple smiley face embroidered in yellow to a much more interesting design by replacing the yellow with some fabric – you can match the fabric to whatever you are designing or you can create something completely new and crazy!

Here is a quick video on how to do appliqué – a step by step guide on how to create beautiful applique – learn how to do applique properly with a simple design, and you will be able to create just about anything that you want with appliqué!

This is a 25 minute video on how to do appliqué – from the basics of what appliqué is, some hints and tips, and then how to create your own appliqué.

Start with a good solid foundation this new technique, and start with a simple design that you can digitize for yourself – once you get that down, you will be able to create amazing designs and add appliqué!

Get some practice doing simple appliqué – practice cutting out the material properly and good placement, and of course be careful if you are removing the hoop from your machine –  you don’t want any of the hooped fabric to move!  Find the cutting technique that works best for you and create some awesome appliqué embroidery!



Digitizing a beautiful Tulip Design

Learning a new skill can take time, and people learn in many different ways. It has been requested that I do some videos of how I digitize – step by step and in real time. I did not talk during this video, so you can concentrate on what I am doing.

Some people learn by watching or reading, and some people learn by doing. In these videos (yes there will be more to come) you can watch the video and get the basics of the design, and then digitize the design yourself!

We are going to start off with a simple tulip design:

red tulip design

Small red tulips ready to be digitized by you

Click HERE to download the design, so you can digitize the tulips yourself!

You can change the stitch types and the colors you pick for the tulips – add some flare and be creative.  Post a jpeg of your final design!  It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with!



Here is what Althea came up with.  Excellent work, Althea!!


Embird Quick Tip: Mask

We have learned how to merge two embroidery designs in Embird Manager, and then smart color sort to make the two designs into one, merging all of the colors for an easier read out on the machine. But what if you want to overlap the designs? How do you do this correctly? You can take both designs into Embird Studio and fix the stitches OR you can do this Embird Quick tip and use the Mask tool to quickly and easily merge the designs with no overlapping stitches for a cleaner and more efficient stitch out. Watch the newest quick tip video and learn how to digitize like a pro!

Snowflake Embroidery Design

Want to learn a really cute way of creating your own embroidery designs?  Its really fast and easy to do!   I saw the design on someone’s shirt about 10 years ago, and I have been doing this design ever since.  It looks really cute. and it usually takes people a few minutes to figure out that the entire design is created with lettering.

Snowflake name designs

Have tons of fun with  this design – I could play with the design all day!  Its really fun and looks amazing on just about anything.  You can do really cute baby clothes, fun jean designs – even on the back pocket) and even use it for decorations for the holidays.  The possibilities are absolutely endless – change the colors, change the font, add some outlining to the lettering – change the spacing of the words ….the list goes on and on!

The best part about this design idea is that most people do not realize that it is a name and lettering that you have used to create the entire design – at first glance it looks like a snowflake or a flower design – once they get closer and take a better look at it they realize that it is really cool and an awesome personalized design for sure.   You can’t get more personalized than someone’s name on their clothing!

I hope you enjoy the step by step video, and have fun creating your own personalized designs for everyone to see.