Learn to hoop towels the easy way!

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In this video, I am going to show you how to hoop a fluffy bath towel with little or no hoop burn. You can use your embroidery hoop properly for towels! Yes, it can be done! If you do get some hoop burn, I will show you how to get rid of the hoop burn quickly and completely. Hooping a towel: there are a few things to do. If you have a hooping workout, you are not doing it properly and you are causing the hoop burn! Yes, it is true, you are. Hoop burn is caused by the compression and subsequent “dehydration” of the fabric that is compressed and squished between the two parts. When the hoop is too tight and you have to push, you are further compressing the towel fabric. The solution is to make your hoop fit the towel better by making sure that the hoop is loose enough so that it goes into the right place with only a little bit of pressure. Once you take your towel to the embroidery machine and stitch out your design, remove the hoops and fluff up the towel fabric. That’s pretty much it! In this video, I hooped the towel with a 4×4 hoop from my multi-needle embroidery machine as well as the small hoop from my Brother Dream Machine 2 (McDreamy) (both brother embroidery machines, a multi-needle and a single needle embroidery machine) to show you that hooping a towel can be done with any embroidery machine hoops. Using this technique, you will be able to hoop any type of fabric and create any type of embroidery design. You can do applique on a towel, or an in the hoop embroidery design (just skip the last step) so anything goes. Pro TIP: for a large embroidered towel like the one I am using, make sure you have your support table on your brother Multi needle machine. If you are using a Brother Dream Machine 2, make sure that you have the embroidery design and hoop rotated so that the bulk of the towel is not going to get caught up on the embroidery machine arm and doesn’t get too heavy for the embroidery arm to move properly. Plan it out so the towel stitches out smoothly.



Happy stitching!

Sue Brown 🙂

Embroidery and Sewing shopping online at Wish. Was it worth it?

Let’s go shopping at wish.com for some cheap machine embroidery and quilting and sewing notions. In this video, I am going to show you what I ordered online including some online fabric vinyl. Have you tried shopping online to look for the best deals? How about Wish.com – everyone hears about the cheap prices for sewing and embroidery supplies. I picked some everyday sewing and quilting notions. Some of the sewing supplies that I looked at for my brother sewing machine, McDreamy (the brother Dream Machine) were hard to find, and I was not sure if it would work on my sewing machine. I ended up purchasing some sewing machine feet for sewing and a few other things to use on the sewing machine, as well as vinyl for applique designs. I purchased some mermaid vinyl to see if it would work. That one is a big NO. The piece was really thick and really small! I won’t be using it on my embroidery machine or sewing machine. I purchased some pretty gold vinyl that looks like pleather or fake leather. I really like this purchase – it is a larger piece of vinyl, but I think compared to prices in the USA it is probably expensive. In my quest to have my sewing room organized, I thought that a cute bobbin organizer or bobbin tree would be a good purchase. Nope, that one is not going to be good. It looks cute, but it falls apart easily, and I think I would have my sewing bobbins all over the place. The biggest purchase of the day was a kit of 65 different sewing feet! I have not tested the feet on my sewing machine but at first glance, they look like awesome sewing machine feet! I am looking forward to testing them out on my sewing machine! My final conclusion is a recommendation that you go to your local sewing store or quilting store and make your purchases there. While wish.com seems like a great deal, most of my purchases are not going to be used. Most quilting stores will have all of the supplies that you need. The benefit would be supporting your local quilting store and you can see the sewing or embroidery supplies before you purchase them. The vinyl and the sewing machine feet are good, but the rest is simply a waste of money.

Happy shopping (locally)

Sue Brown

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Easy Press for Better Applique

I have found a solution….the Cricut Easy Press 2.  Yep, I am loving this little gadget.   It fits nicely on my desk, in the hoop (yes, actually in the hoop) and the pad is just a bit bigger than the press itself.  That really works for me and my workspace!

The easy press is designed primarily for pressing on heat transfer vinyl or HTV for short.  Heat transfer vinyl is fantastic, and can work very well with embroidery.  So why not for applique and fabric?  I thought I would grab one and check it out.  You can get different sizes – I have the smallest one – its only 6×7, so it fits perfectly into my hoops – so one press and you are done.  It doesn’t take up a ton of space and has some handy features that make it easy to use.  

The first part that I like is the stand.  Plunk the easy press down and you are done.  It is flat so you don’t have to worry about anything falling over.  You won’t accidently burn yourself because the hot part is down and completely covered by the stand.   It has an auto off feature, a timer setting as well as a temperature setting.  Lots of safety, little space.  My kind of embroidery accessory. 

This accessory was designed for putting HTV on small items such as onesies or small children’s clothing.  If you have this awesome press, you can add cute designs to your list for customers!!  Onesies are hard to hoop and hard to stitch.  Pressing onsies with a cute design that you cut on your cutter in HTV takes no time at all – and it is just as cute!  You don’t have to worry about hooping, being off center, hooping accidents or watching your machine like a hawk.  Cut, press and peel – that’s it.  

If you are like me, I tend to get a bit lazy when it comes to ironing…so I leave my iron out, in full view, but I still don’t use it nearly enough!  I don’t have enough room for the pad to cover my desk to protect it, and I am really not going to go across the room to get to the ironing board.  I have 3 dogs, and they get playing, and I worry that they will bump the ironing board and the hot iron will fall.  Maybe that’s just me.

Check it out, keep and open mind – I find this tool helpful and it is really nice to have pressed fabric and finished products so easily.  Also, HTV can be sparkly and bright.  Also a bonus. 

Until next time,


The Queen of Embroidery Gadgets and Accessories.

Need cutter tools?

I needed some tools for the cutting machines…I have a few, but probably not enough.  Well, honestly, do you ever really have enough?

The problem that I have is that the Cricut tools are very expensive!  Yes, they have a lot of them, there is literally a tool for every job – but here in Canada we can either order them from Cricut.com and face the exchange rate and customs OR we can purchase them from Michaels.  As everyone knows, Michaels is a fantastic store, but it is also an expensive store.  At least I think so 🙂 

I have heard people getting exciting and raving about “Mystery Boxes” from Cricut FILLED with tons of Cricut crafting goodies, so I decided to check it out. 

The price was $29.99 USD with free shipping (I purchased 2 mystery boxes) but I really wondered what I would get.  The website tells you what’s in the box – so not really much of a mystery after the fact, LOL, but I didn’t know if they were damaged goods, or seconds or anything like that.  As soon as I opened the box, I realized that the contents were top quality and an amazing deal.  

I figured that the value would be well over $200 CDN for my Cricut box of goodies.  That’s pretty good for only $29.99 USD.   

Check out what my first mystery box!  Yeah, I am pretty happy with my Cricut haul!!!



After taking a week off because of medical issues, I am back and jumping in with both feet!

Today’s video is pretty cool – I am trying to cover as much as I can, for each cutter that I have.  I have the newest Cricut Maker, Silhouette Cameo 3 as well as the Brother Scan N Cut DX225 Innovis edition.  If you have one of those cutters, you will be in luck for getting videos!  Ha!

IN this video, I create an SVG in Hatch – there are more than one way to do this – and I am using Corel to help me create it.  Because why not?  Corel is there, might as well use it!

Once I have my nice SVG – remember that it is a SCALABLE vector graphic, so you will be able to resize it – I take it in to each of the 3 different software and make a cut file!

So easy, and your applique will never look the same!!



Our youtube channel, OML Embroidery is hosting a FREE FABRIC GIVEAWAY!  We are giving away charm squares and one layer cake of that awesome Halloween fabric that I always use!  There are so many patterns in the pack, everything is so pretty!  Check out some of my youtube videos and you can see the fabric in use!  LIKE AND COMMENT ON YOUTUBE ON THIS VIDEO FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!



I get so busy with sharing everything and answering questions in the OML Embroidery University facebook group, I always forget to blog!!  Today, I remembered!  yay!  I will try to blog more, I have a whole bunch of blogs that are already written that I need to post.

OK, so for today, here is my Vlog.  Hopefully, it will also count as a blog post 🙂

Until next time

Happy Stitching!



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Have you ever wanted to learn how to crazy quilt in machine embroidery?  Here is your chance to get learning!

Crazy Quilting came about in the early 1800’s and was really popular.  The idea of crazy quilting came about by using up every scrap of very expensive fabric so that there would be no waste.  Back then, rich fabrics were really expensive, so every piece counted.  Literally!  people who could not afford such rich fabrics used whatever they had on hand, and then embellished it to make it look pretty.  Some of these quilts were actually sewn together using an old table-cloth as the foundation!  Whatever they had around would work!

Embellishments:  same thing as the fabrics, whatever embellishments you had would work.  They used buttons, small pieces of lace, ribbons and of course beautiful embroidery thread in different colors.  Pretty much anything worked, and the end results are very pretty!

Old Traditions:  there are a few old traditions that were applied to these hand-made crazy quilts.  There was usually saying on the front of the quilt or a name and date of the quilter.  More often than not, there would be a fancy initial somewhere on the quilt – either for the person receiving the quilt or the person who made the quilt.  There were special stitches that were used, and certain ways that the squares were divided.

I did quite a bit of research and looked at some stunning, beautiful quilts made with lavish and intricate embellishments.    I decided that it would be really fun to do these quilts on the embroidery machine.  Of course people have been doing this for years, and the results are awesome.  I thought it would be a great YouTube series to learn how to crazy quilt.  Here is the first video – basically an introduction and how to set up your blocks.  There are 3 parts to this block, so make sure you watch all of the videos.

Let’s keep making FREE Digitizing/Embroidery classes!

Have you joined the facebook group OML Embroidery University yet?  I am so happy with this group – it’s a fantastic place to be for embroidery. I wanted to take a few moments to explain to everyone what I am doing with this group and the youtube channel: I want to explain my goals and expectations.

The first goal is to provide everyone with some serious learning classes and quick tips so that they can learn embroidery properly, and be more confident in their work and learn to digitize at a level different from others – a higher level. I want everyone to progress with their embroidery skills..and practice those skills both embroidery and digitizing. We have challenges, we have contests and we have full length classes for free. Everything is free!

I would like everyone to realize that planning, recording, editing and uploading classes takes a lot of my time. Sharing everything on facebook and youtube takes even more of my time. It all ads up. I really do spend a lot of time making these classes for you. I do not get paid anything at all. So yes, the classes are free and I am working for free.

Obviously, I won’t be able to do this long term. But there is a fantastic solution to this whole problem. Youtube. Yes, youtube. I can get paid by youtube and CONTINUE DOING FREE CLASSES FOR YOU. Yeah, it can work like that. I decided to try this approach to the classes for one simple reason: People were having a hard time paying for classes. I heard that many times and it made me think – I want everyone to learn embroidery properly and be successful in every single stitch they take. But again, I can’t keep doing this for free – no one works for free and I have the same bills that you do. So that got me thinking…How can i make this work, there has to be a way. and there is. Youtube. and it can work.

HOW CAN YOUTUBE WORK? that’s easy. Participation. Every time you watch the entire video, it helps. When you like and comment it helps. when you get other people to watch the video by sharing it helps. Every interaction on youtube will help me get paid. There are ads on youtube and I get paid a teeny tiny amount every time you watch them. Every subscriber makes the channel bigger and more available to everyone. and if it is big enough, youtube will start sharing the videos more…and they will be trending and more people will subscribe…see how the snowball effect works here?

So what can you do to make this happen? participate is the answer. People told me that they would do anything for free classes REAL CLASSES that they can learn from. To those people, here is your chance. Participate. Make it your mission to make the channel POPULAR and the biggest embroidery channel in existence. If we make it big enough, we may get sponsors – ok yay for me, right? not necessarily – If my classes are successful on the channel, I might be able to get free embroidery software to do more free classes with different software. Wouldn’t that be awesome? classes in as many software as possible? OK, that may never happen, but it would be cool! I have purchased software on my own, i just won’t be able to pay thousands for more.

So, everyone out there Do your part and make this happen. Do it for you – do it for your skills and learning. Make sure everyone knows OML Embroidery’s channel for free full classes. Make it your mission.

Oh, before anyone asks or thinks that I make a ton of money from youtube, right now I make a whopping $.25 a day (i am being generous here). Yeah, i can’t live on that either. My goal is to hit minimum wage. Or work at McDonalds for minimum wage, LOL.

Let me know in the comments. Personally I think we can make it, and have a ton of fun along the way. But do remember I can’t work like this for free for ever, so lets make it happen. Just a few clicks and you are done. I promise that your skills will improve in the end!
Again, I won’t keep “begging” to get this done. I will remind everyone to participate, but if it doesn’t happen in the long term, I will have to stop making videos. No, not immediately, I will work super hard until the new year and see where we are.

LET’S DO THIS. BE ON THE GROUND FLOOR FOR SOMETHING BIG. After all, you will get a lot out of it!!! I can’t do it without you. All of you

Thanks everyone!