Embird Quick Tip: Mask


We have learned how to merge two embroidery designs in Embird Manager, and then smart color sort to make the two designs into one, merging all of the colors for an easier read out on the machine. But what if you want to overlap the designs? How do you do this correctly? You can take both designs into Embird Studio and fix the stitches OR you can do this Embird Quick tip and use the Mask tool to quickly and easily merge the designs with no overlapping stitches for a cleaner and more efficient stitch out. Watch the newest quick tip video and learn how to digitize like a pro!


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  1. Rose says:

    I am rally new to embroidery. I have been sewing since I was six. Quilting for 15 years, and just stRted to use my Viking Ruby for embroidery. I purchased embird basic, and am having a hard time just trying to figure it out. Any tips on the more basic stuff?

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