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At OML Embroidery we are all about embroidery – using different programs for digitizing, embroidery tips and tricks and many helpful ideas to help you be skilled and creative in the art of embroidery, along with some embroidery inspiration.  We create and stitch embroidery every single day  – embroidery is our passion! One of our goals is to help create some Happy Digitizers and Happy Embroiderers with lots of skills and confidence – and we do this by teaching to  ‘THINK OUTSIDE THE EMBROIDERY BOX”.  Don’t just do what everyone else does, think of something new – play with your embroidery – have fun – discover that learning is fun.

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Take your digitizing skills up a level or two!  Do not completely rely on youtube videos for your digitizing education – not every video is showing you how to build your digitizing skills effectively (although our Youtube channel is awesome, as well as the HATCH LEARNING CENTER)  Learn to digitize the right way, learn to digitize like a pro. Our full length and downloadable classes are uploaded to DigitizingMadeEasy.com weekly.   The classes will provide you with in depth instructions for digitizing in Hatch.  Each class is on sale weekly.  Embird full classes are found on OMLdigitizing.com, and they will help you with the Embird learning curve and have you digitizing in no time!


We are available for any questions you may have on our videos – you can get in contact with us via email, telephone or Facebook!  We even have a special Facebook group called Wilcom Hatch Facts – everyone in the group gets advanced notice of the upcoming classes, and are free to ask any questions that they may have.  It’s also a great place to show off your digitizing skills, and of course to post your homework!

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Have fun at OML Embroidery.  We have how-to videos, weekly Digitizing Classes Hatch Tutorials,  quick tip videos, digitizing homework to practice, tons and tons of embroidery information and don’t forget to check out the OML STORE for flat rate digitizing services and special embroidery designs for you to buy!  We also offer Advanced Embird and Hatch Training and one on one training to help you get going with your software.

We are a fun and creative bunch at OML Embroidery.  We have more than 15 years experience digitizing embroidery designs and custom patch designs using Wilcom E3 embroidery software, Wilcom Hatch and Embird and we digitize each and every day – usually 7 days a week.  WE LOVE TO DIGITIZE EMBROIDERY DESIGNS and we end up spending most of our days and evenings creating awesome designs for our website

We have taught many digitizers in the past, and we know we can help you to learn how to digitize embroidery designs yourself – and learn to digitize like a professional – we provide you with tutorials and quick tip tutorials and advanced tutorials  with amazing explanations of how the software works and how to embroider on garments properly – using the correct backing, pull compensation, how to set up your designs and how to create your designs to fit properly.  It’s a wealth of embroidery information just waiting for you!!

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You can check out our sponsor’s website and see the excellent embroidery digitizing that we can create with Wilcom Hatch and Wilcom E3 top level – the sky is the limit when it comes to embroidery, and there is nothing we can’t do!  At OMLpatches.com, we can show off our creative skills, our digitizing skills and how we have earned the title “Master Patchologists” a title given to us many years ago.  We are all about details, and our digitized patches show our dedication, skill and creativity expressed in patches.    You will see that embroidery is our passion!


dachshund embroidery design on a hat
Dachshund embroidery design stitches out perfectly on a baseball cap
dachshund embroidery design on a towel
add some lettering and create cute doggie towels
dachshund embroidery design on a teddy bear
the Dachshund embroidery designs are great for gifts for any Doxie lover!
dachshund embroidery design
Add a little bit of lettering and you have a great gift