Embird Editor + Brother Scan N Cut = Perfect Appliqué

If you have ever struggled with cutting out complicated appliqué, there is a solution: Brother Scan N Cut! Its an amazing machine, and its not just for paper! You can use it to cut out your appliqué – and the cut outs are absolutely PERFECT.

Check out my new video and learn how to transform your .PES (or any stitch file) into a file that the Brother ScanNcut understands – you will be surprised at how easy it is to do!


6 responses to “Embird Editor + Brother Scan N Cut = Perfect Appliqué”

  1. Jose G. Macdonel Avatar

    I find your Embird tutorials very clear and easy to follow. In particular I find very useful your tutorial on how to get svg files to be used in scan and cut of brother.

    I have tried to save as svg file, but the file extension does not exist in my list. I have 2015, 64 bit embird program.

    Is there a special way to get this file.
    Thank you I appreciate your help

    Best Regards

    Jose G. Macdonel

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      The SVG file should be right in your SAVE AS pop up – where you can pick the different formats to save your file – PES, DST, etc, and if you look through it you should find SVG as one of the options.

      1. Jose G.Macdonel Avatar
        Jose G.Macdonel

        As I mentioned in my previous comment I had Embird Build 10.4 and this version has not the feature of the SAVE AS svg file. So I have asked directly to EMBIRD the problem and they suggested me to uninstall the Build10.4 and install the Build 10.15 instead. Now I have the svg file feature.

      2. OML Embroidery Avatar

        Embird knows best! glad they were able to help you!

  2. HD Avatar

    Are you aware that Embird is able to create an .fcm file that is used directly in the scanNcut
    without having do do all that stuff with svg’s in your video? Its been able to do this since february/march 2015.
    The method you are using is for people who are using other brands of cutters.
    For a ScanNcut it’s just one button/step….. right click on any tack down stitch in the design and choose “save .fcm” and that’s it. It will ask you how much you want to enlarge/expand the file (which is very important so the applique stitches cover the fabric edge properly) 1.5 to 2mm is good enough. Then take the new file it to any scanNcut machine. No need to go to canvas or deal with svg files.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      No, I was not aware of any updates to the Scan and Cut and Embird. When the video was made, I was using what was available, and I no longer have the Scan N Cut, so I am out of date with any upgrades. Thanks for the update though, I am sure it will help anyone that is using the Scan N Cut!!!

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