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  1. What components of Embrilliance are you using to digitize with in the tip videos? Is Stitch Artist a separate component or upgrade of Embrilliance? I am not clear on exactly what the whole package you are using is made up of. Thanks so much.

    • I know it seems a bit confusing at first. There are Embrilliance modules that have different tools. They start with the basic two: Essentials and Enthusiast. If you want to do some stitch creation (digitizing from scratch) then you need to get the Stitch Artist levels 1, 2 or 3. Each stitch artist level has different tools available. I have Essentials, Enthusiast and Stitch Artist Level 3. I bought Stitch Artist level 3 thinking it was all inclusive, but it is not – it has everything that stitch artist 1 and 2 has, but you must ALSO purchase Essentials and Enthusiast to have access to those tools. Hopefully that makes sense. To see what tools and functions each module has, you should go to and they have everything set out – especially the Stitch Artist levels – they have a nice charge that shows you exactly the differences. As an aside, I also have the Density module, too.

  2. Oml thank you for all the videos on learning how to digitize.. awesome job !!!! I’m hopeng you can answer a simple question for me.I just upgraded from mbx v4 to mbx v5 (same as hatch) is there a center design button? I like to keep my designs in the center of the grid pulse that way I can check to see if it fits inside my hoop. I just can’t seem to find that option on v5 . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Andreas

    • the best way to do this is to select and show the hoop that you want, and if you right click on the hoop icon at the top, one of the choices in the pop up is ‘automatic centering” if you select this, then the hoop will always be centered around the design.

  3. I would like to try the program and see whether it will allow me to minimize some designs without compromising how the design stitches out. Also, whether I can omit some parts of the design. Is that possible on the trial program?

    • You can minimize a stitch file to a small degree, but if you want to make major size changes, it is not recommended in any program. Hatch has one of the most powerful stitch processors in the industry, and Wilcom has been the leader in embroidery software for more than 30 years. The Hatch Trial is a fully functional program for 30 days, so you should try it and find out what Hatch can do for you. I also recommend downloading the trial from and you can get some awesome bonuses.

  4. the scan n cut mats can be refurbished with Krylon easy tack. I bought it at Michael’s. Just make sure u tape the borders of the mat before you spray. Works great. And watch the grain on your fabric. When cutter cuts on un stabilized fabric it can stretch out of shape really easy. Ive been impressed with the heat and bond feather lite or lite iron on stabilized from fabricland

  5. I don’t embroidery and do not have a sewing machine that will do it. I was wondering if you offer embroidery services or know of anyone that does this in Chatham Kent. I have 7 Christmas Stockings that I would like names embroideryed on. I would appreciate any information or suggestions you may have. Thank you.

  6. Nebbie here, got a Brother SE1900 for Christmas. I have subscribed to your channel and love the tutorials from Kreative Kiwi. I am having to purchase ALL the supplies that goes with machine embroidery. Youe keep mentioning Gunold applique scissors, where do I purchase them? Also stabilizers, which are the best ones to use. Thank you and wish me luck πŸ€ͺ I also purchased Embrillance Essentials.

  7. Can you please recommend someone who can teach me how to use Embird 19? I’m in Houston, TX and I’m willing to pay for lessons. Appreciate your soonest response. Thanks

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