FREE LEARN TO DIGITIZE VIDEOS AND QUICK TIP VIDEOS on Youtube!  Here are the videos that we have created this far – some are long and some are short, but each video has a large amount of information to help you learn digitizing with Embird.

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6 Comments on “VIDEOS”

  1. Hi there

    Stumbled on your videos today on you tube and decided to check out yourvwebsite. Thanks for the embird videos–am picking up a few tips. Any particular order these should be viewed?


    • If you are new to the embird program, I would start with an intro to bird part 1, then part 2. All about stitches is the next long video, and the quick tips will help with common questions. Don’t forget your homework!
      Glad you found is, and enjoy learning embird!

  2. Thanks so much for the speedy reply and info. Have been using Embird for quite a while but it is hard to keep up with all the changes and features in the great updates–can’t ask about what you don’t know. Am a visual learner so your videos are great. Hope there is a lot more in the future.


    • Yes, there are many updates with Embird – they have added a few new great things! Best of all, most of the updates are free! And yes, we are working on many more videos in the future. We hope to do at least one or two videos per week, so we should have tons!! The site is still under development, so there should be more information and hints and tips available on a regular basis.


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