Snowflake Embroidery Design

Want to learn a really cute way of creating your own embroidery designs?  Its really fast and easy to do!   I saw the design on someone’s shirt about 10 years ago, and I have been doing this design ever since.  It looks really cute. and it usually takes people a few minutes to figure out that the entire design is created with lettering.

Snowflake name designs

Have tons of fun with  this design – I could play with the design all day!  Its really fun and looks amazing on just about anything.  You can do really cute baby clothes, fun jean designs – even on the back pocket) and even use it for decorations for the holidays.  The possibilities are absolutely endless – change the colors, change the font, add some outlining to the lettering – change the spacing of the words ….the list goes on and on!

The best part about this design idea is that most people do not realize that it is a name and lettering that you have used to create the entire design – at first glance it looks like a snowflake or a flower design – once they get closer and take a better look at it they realize that it is really cool and an awesome personalized design for sure.   You can’t get more personalized than someone’s name on their clothing!

I hope you enjoy the step by step video, and have fun creating your own personalized designs for everyone to see.

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