Do you enjoy watching OML's FREE videos on youtube? Has one of the videos helped you learn something new? Has OML helped in the facebook group? IF YOU FOUND SOME VALUE IN SUE AND DON'S HELP, PLEASE DONATE! Every week we upload free classes and embroidery videos to Youtube, and we have 500 videos uploaded on youtube. if you would like to donate to support our time and effort that goes into these classes, anything would be appreciated!! If not, then please continue to enjoy the classes and support the channel by subscribing, liking, sharing and commenting! thank you!


16 Comments on “Support our free classes: donate if you can!”

  1. I enjoy your tutorials and am very happy to have found OML embroidery on FB. Letting my imagination have a work out is priceless! Thank you!

  2. Sue, I want to thank you both for all you do for us. My granddaughter (8 yr) loves your monster bookmark and wants to make them for their school festival in May. It will be a “guess what’s in the box” game at their booth. She was a bit taken back when she sat down at my Viking Topaz 20 the first time but she rose to the challenge after watching your video with the exception of the trimming that I helped with. Now we just have about 50 more to make. She cant wait for the bunny that is coming.

  3. Thank you for everything that you do for us; love your tutorials, jokes and MacDreamy. It makes my life a little brighter everytime I watch you.

  4. Thank you so much for all your videos, classes, and designs. You are my go to place for learning, and joy in my heart, especially in these trying, and challenging times. Con mucho Carino

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