How to create beautiful appliqué

What is appliqué?  it is an embroidery technique that you can add some material to your design to add some color and style to just about any embroidery design.  Keep the appliqué simple and you won’t go wrong.  Adding appliqué adds interest to your whole design – you can add different materials as a background and take a simple smiley face embroidered in yellow to a much more interesting design by replacing the yellow with some fabric – you can match the fabric to whatever you are designing or you can create something completely new and crazy!

Here is a quick video on how to do appliqué – a step by step guide on how to create beautiful applique – learn how to do applique properly with a simple design, and you will be able to create just about anything that you want with appliqué!

This is a 25 minute video on how to do appliqué – from the basics of what appliqué is, some hints and tips, and then how to create your own appliqué.

Start with a good solid foundation this new technique, and start with a simple design that you can digitize for yourself – once you get that down, you will be able to create amazing designs and add appliqué!

Get some practice doing simple appliqué – practice cutting out the material properly and good placement, and of course be careful if you are removing the hoop from your machine –  you don’t want any of the hooped fabric to move!  Find the cutting technique that works best for you and create some awesome appliqué embroidery!



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