Oh, how I love in the hoop quilt blocks. I don’t mind the sewing machine and piecing them together, but everything is better on the embroidery machine! This is why I love these new quilt block sets with built in quilting designs! All you have to do is plan your quilt design, get your fabric and thread and get stitching!

Here is the newest quilt block which we are going to do a sew along Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 10AM EST:

New Stuff

Just to keep you up to date on what’s going on at OML Embroidery! We have been really busy with new quilt designs, mylar designs, the Sweet Pea Haunted house sew along and getting ready for the Anita Goodesign On-Point modern landscapes quilt design where we will be playing around with colors to make this quilt look great and stitching out one of the log cabin blocks that are fun and easy to do! The link to the video will be at the bottom of this blog post.

Now, to update you on all the new projects at OML Embroidery:

You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s video:

This gingerbread zombie is not made from sugar and spice!  He’s still gingerbread, though, but just not the good kind.  the Zombie is missing a limb, right down to the bone.  On the bright side, he has a folded fabric background that looks fabulous and helps him stand out in the zombie cookie crowd this Halloween.    You should get him now; he is dying to meet you and help support your mug of coffee!

Yep, you read that correctly – 4 matching hexagon web quilt blocks 3 are free bonus blocks that go along with the original hexagon web block. These are so much fun to stitch out – and of course the quilt blocks stitch quickly!

Hexagon Web Block
Quilt Block
Large web hexagon
Endless Quilting Block

Sew much fun to put together! Get yours today while it is still on sale, each block is less than $2.50 – you can’t go wrong at that price!

Are you busy?

Whew, this is has been a very busy work week. I am happy but tired! How busy have you been this week?

I have been working hard on a new wall hanging called Dresden Halloween Town! I was getting some sewing practice done making some Halloween fabric using my Accuquilt cutter to save time – it’s a small Dresden plate, but as I was looking at the pieces, I thought it kind of looks like the shape of a house – and a haunted house too! Without sewing the edges into points, I could add an applique roof and stitch some doors and windows. Oh and of course I had to add a full moon, ghosts, bats, creepy eyes and a spider web between the houses. Once I got started it was impossible to stop! SEW much fun. I dropped my work on any other project (yes, I am behind a bit) to finalize the design, stitch the design, fix any boo boos, put all the sizes together and edit a video. That’s why I was so busy!!!

I did a stitch out of the largest size and I had to make a few tiny changes to make sure that everything matched up properly when sewn together. I missed a few key points, but I got them fixed.

As I was stitching out the last block, I decided that I should make a step by step video on how I did the applique and stitching and released the video at the same time as the design, so it is there for you to watch and stitch!

I think you will enjoy this applique design at any size, and I can’t wait to see the fabric and threads that you use! I think you will really enjoy the old traditional Dresden shape made modern for Halloween. Now we need a Gnome Home one and maybe a Christmas one with Santa and the Reindeer silhouette around the sky circle. Oh, now I am going to be busy again!!! Happy Stitching!

Skully Quilt and Dinosaur Mylar

It’s true – the Skully Quilt has arrived! Check out these cute skulls all interlocked into one quilt block! The eyes are the best part – make sure you use some bright colored thread because those skulls are looking around at each other – or are they looking around the room? #halloweenembroidery. This quilt is beginner friendly with easy and fun skull applique. The Skully Quilt can be an awesome scrap buster or you can use charm squares for the skulls – how easy is that? In my quilt blocks, I used a little bit of both!

These steampunk dinosaurs need no introduction, they are simply AWESOME!

Happy Stitching and see you tomorrow at 10AM EST for a fun sew along of the Skully Quilt!

Sew Cute! This is Odie (our 11 year old wire hair dachshund) looking pretty fancy with his tuxedo Bandanna! Our other boys Tank (Treeing Walker Coonhound) and Beetlejuice (beagle/blood hound) also look handsome in their tuxedo bandannas! These bandannas are made completely in the hoop and are fun and easy to make! My boys are all ready for Halloween!


Of course Don has some fancy mylar for us today too! These frames are simply gorgeous with the touch of mylar to make it sparkle!

Halloween Gnomes are so much fun! The gnomes have costumes on, ready for Halloween. Blocks come in 5×7 and 8×12 with folded fabric on the top and the bottom. Get out your Halloween fabric and bright colors and get stitching!

Don’t forget about the new mylar designs too – they are gothic and awesome!

A classic old style quilt made modern and in the hoop – and stitches out fast and easy. You will love stitching this design on your embroidery machine instead of hand stitching each and every hexagon.

It took me a few weeks (and a few swear words) to get the pattern correct, using the standard 1inch hexagon and making the entire design modern in the hoop but making sure it kept the old-school look of small handmade stitches.  After lots of testing, tweaking, and changing, I finally came up with the Grandmother’s Garden in the hoop with four blocks and set up for pre-cut hexagons and regular applique.

You can stitch the flower blocks (left and right)  to make a flower quilt: 

Or you can use all four blocks to create a diamond shape pathway before and after the flower blocks.

Or you can use blocks 1 and 2 together to make a diamond-shaped hexagon quilt.

Are you ready for some weekend stitching fun? check out these new releases! There is something for everyone – gothic mylar, Gnomes, endless quilting and of course another awesome clamshell project!

Big Big clamshells in the hoop – the clamshells are stitched out one at a time and then attached to the other clamshells right in the hoop!  No sewing blocks together; when your last clamshell is finished, your wall hanging/quilt is finished too!  Just add backing and bind it, and you are done.  The best part is that the clamshells are as giant as your hoop!  An 8×8 clamshell leaves lots of room for quilting and doing some fun crazy quilting, too.  You will love how these clamshells come together in the hoop.

Detailed instructions are included – Try it now, you will LOVE this technique!

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