Embroidery Talk with Sue: Ep 3 with Don at the end of the day! Embroidery Talk with Sue

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Embroidery Talk podcast!  In this episode, we do get a bit silly, but it is a great conversation, too.  We are mainly talking about the channel and the designs and changes that we have made to each – a big change being no commercials on the channel for the month of April and WHY we are doing this – and how it will benefit you.  We still have the goal of 100K subscribers for the OML Embroidery youtube channel, and hopefully making the videos more enjoyable will help us get to that goal. Join us for our fun podcast and let us know what you think so far!!! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sue-brown2021/message
  1. Embroidery Talk with Sue: Ep 3 with Don at the end of the day!
  3. The first OML Embroidery podcast!!

Apr 7 • 30:59

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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Embroidery Talk podcast!  In this episode, we do get a bit silly, but it is a great conversation, too.  We are mainly talking about the channel and the designs and changes that we have made to each – a big change being no commercials on the channel for the month of April and WHY we are doing this – and how it will benefit you.  We still have the goal of 100K subscribers for the OML Embroidery youtube channel, and hopefully making the videos more enjoyable will help us get to that goal. Join us for our fun podcast and let us know what you think so far!!!


Relax and enjoy listening to embroidery talk while you stitch.  Today’s special guest is R. Lynne (aka neon Lynne, Pink Lynne) and we have a fun chat about embroidery, the new Luminaire, Playing hookey (recorded on Sunday and we did play hookey), and many other subjects.  Pure embroidery fun!


Moving on to more fun, how about an Embroidery Podcast?

Check out our first-ever embroidery podcast called Embroidery Talk with Sue! It’s fun and silly, has information on upcoming sew-along on Saturday, March 27, 2021, at 10 AM EST, and the top contender for a name for my new Luminaire 2. You might be surprised.

Happy Stitching, y’all


NEW RELEASE: Don’s Den of Embroidery Designs Manly Gears machine embroidered quilt block!

For those of you who are looking for more manly embroidery designs, here is one of the best. Keeping with our english paper piecing style, and of course all done on your embroidery machine, stitch out an awesome gear shape made up of half hexagons, stars and circles, all put together quickly and easily! Don’t forget about the quilting stitches that are custom and yes, of course, also manly!!! Everyone will love this quilt block!

The download for this block includes 3 sizes of the Gear and the matching quilt block in 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8.

NEW #OMLmeepp quilt block


2020 was a long year, and hard for so many people in every corner of the world. But now it’s 2021 and time to try and put that all behind us and start having FUN.

English Paper piecing is something that I work on at night, watching TV. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not – i had never done hand sewing before. Turns out I love it! There is only one “downside” of English paper piecing by hand…lots of glue, paper, and time! I love the English paper piecing look, but sometimes I want something done a little faster! *play introduction music in your head “enter now #OMLmeepp!! OML Embroidery’s machine embroidered English paper piecing!

Yep, it’s all done on your embroidery machine. Each block comes in 3 different sizes and also has a matching quilting block in 3 different sizes.

Each block stitches out quickly and leaves tons of room for you to be the designer and has the look of hand piecing. You can use scraps of fabric or one piece of fabric for the hexagons.

Here is the link for the *new EPP Hexagon Flowers ITH Quilt block.

Not sure how to stitch this? Check out the stitch along video on the OML Embroidery channel on youtube!


Have you heard the embroidery news? there is a new technique called Machine embroidered English Paper piecing or #OMLmeepp! What the heck does that mean?

I love doing English paper piecing designs, especially hexagon blocks. All those wonderful shapes fitting together perfectly, and an easy finishing whip stitch by hand. The corners are sharp, and it looks perfect! The only downside is that it takes a long, long LONG time to complete a design stitching by hand. EPP can be relaxing, but sometimes you just want to create a quilt block that is beautiful, elegant and very creative using your embroidery machine.

Here at OML Embroidery, I have come up with the perfect solution to have it all MEEPP (machine embroidered English paper piecing) and a BOM block of the month! These embroidery designs have all of the things that you are looking for in EPP: beautiful designs, sharp corners, fussy cutting, and that wonderful hand-stitched look – all finished on your embroidery machine. Don’t believe me? Get your design now and give it a try:

English Paper Piecing on your embroidery machine: BOM 1

Check out the video to learn a few tips and tricks:



Are you ready for a new and fun embroidery style?  How about the look of English paper piecing, without the paper and the hand sewing?  How about beautiful quilting and quilt blocks included in each block of the month?

If you love English paper piecing and love embroidery, you will LOVE how I put the two of them together!  No satin stitches lots of appliques and more than one way to create the block.

Fantastic scrap buster!  you can use smaller-sized fabric pieces for that old-fashioned look, or you can use one entire square of fabric for all of the hexagon pieces.

You can fussy cut, coordinate fabrics, and even use themed fabrics for this machine embroidery design. Here is the link to the first blocks of the month. The video will be up on Saturday!!

SweetPea’s Essentials

SweetPea’s Essentials are AWESOME!!

Have you checked out any of Sweet Pea’s essentials? You NEED to check out this new line of essentials, there is something for everyone: Click here

Sweet Pea is adding more and more! Their fabric is simply gorgeous, the thread is stunning and the stitch eraser works extremely well and has the added bonus of being cordless, too. Check out my unboxing of these items with Sue and Sam!

Upcoming Embroidery Fun

Embroidery design links, OML Live! video links and times of each video class. Everything you need to know for the upcoming week in embroidery with OML Embroidery!!!

There is always a ton of fun happening on the OML Embroidery Youtube Channel! Three times a week we do live videos! If you haven’t been to an OML Live! you should join in, it’s way too much embroidery fun! Wednesdays at 2PM EST we have a digitizing class. Saturday Morning at 10AM EST is a sew along – and this week is going back to the Sweet Pea’s mountain sew along, block 3. Sundays are scheduled for Anita Goodesign’s sew alongs – and this week we are working with Mylar – which looks absolutely FANTASTIC.

Here is the link for the Sweet Pea Mountains Scene machine embroidery design:


Here is the link for the Anita Goodesign Mylar Spring Bonus embroidery designs:


Here are links to the upcoming videos this week:

Digitizing Class in Perfect Embroidery Pro software, although you can do these lessons in ANY embroidery digitizing software that you have:

Next on Saturday morning at 10AM EST, we are going to be doing block 3 of the Sweet Pea Mountain Scene table runner:

and last, but certainly not least, Mylar with some super cute Anita Goodesign Mylar Spring Bonus design set – and we will be working with sashing and corner blocks to frame our beautiful Mylar designs.

6 Things I learned the hard way

I have been working hard on learning some new skills – mostly sewing – so that my embroidery can be even better. How are sewing and embroidery connected? The better you are at sewing, the better your finished embroidery designs will be – like quilt blocks and wall hangings to name a few.

I learned a few things the hard way this week – ok, well not that hard, but it did take up a lot of my time.


The first lesson was the ever evil monofilament “invisible” thread. Great for stitching in the ditch, but darn scary otherwise. I was sewing together a few pieces using a plain white thread and I left the invisible thread on the thread rack above the machine, as I always do because I was going to use it again shortly. That turned out to be a mistake!

I was stitching along and suddenly my machine stopped. No warning, no funny noises no indication that the machine was in peril. I looked at the threading, took out the bobbin and did the regular check ups, but the wheel was still stuck – totally stuck and unable to move. I got a flashlight and looked again. Nothing. So I called Don for a second opinion. He looked for a few minutes and then saw it – the clear invisible thread had gone through with the other thread that I was using, and was stuck somewhere in the machine. We took the cover off of the machine to look and wow, the clear thread was wrapped around an inside part at least a million times, and this was made more difficult because YOU CAN’T SEE THE THREAD. Don is the machine maintenance guy, so he knows what he was doing with the machine, and we took turns picking out tiny pieces of un-seeable thread. Oh what fun.


It is truly amazing what quilt designers can do with shapes, putting together shapes in different ways to make stunning designs and quilts. Throw in gorgeous colors and fussy cut fabric and you bring out the wow factor! I have been checking out some videos and I am absolutely amazed at how designs are put together – so clever and so much easier than I ever thought. It’s easy to make complicated-looking blocks that are pieced, and ready for embroidery – either designs or quilting embroidery. Here is a Dresden plate design made with jelly roll strips. Easy and fast to make, and oh so beautiful. I can’t wait to add the embroidered quilting!! *design credit goes to the Missouri Star quilting company – it’s a brilliant design and easier than it looks.

This is so pretty!!! I am so happy I could create it!!!


Well, this may seem simple to everyone, but I had an Accuquilt wedge shape and wanted to make the above Dresden circle. This goes back to high school geometry because it is all about the angles. The shapes look similar, but they have different angles – the wedge makes a straight line and the Dresden is tapered at the end so it forms a circle. I was so happy that I didn’t have to rotary cut anything! I happily tossed those jellyroll strips on the Accuquilt and cut them all. I realized my mistake as I was laying out the cut blocks and they didn’t go into a circle. Even though some quilters refer to the Dresden shape as a wedge, a wedge shape will not form a circle. Lesson learned – it’s all about ANGLES. I didn’t realize it was so complicated. After researching the Dresden plate rulers, I found out that they have different angles and sizes – so you have to make sure you have enough fabric to complete the 6, 10, or more to complete the circle.


Ya, it seriously is hard to learn. I need more practice, for sure. I watch the quilters easily swipe the rotary cutter through stacks of fabric so I assumed I could do the same thing. Ah, no, definitely not. Rotary cutting is a skill, learn it well because it will help your embroidery projects come to life (and the cut/sewing lines will be straight, not crooked 🙂 )


I am trying hard not to work in the evening by answering emails, doing more set up, research or ideas, as well as constantly looking at Facebook to get caught up on the Gang’s activities. I decided to research something fun and creative to sit, relax, and create in the evening. I remember that Accuquilt came out with 8 new dies for English paper piecing, so I started there. I did some more research and got out all the tools I would need and put them into a project bin. After some trial and error, I seriously wished that I had the Accuquilt dies for this project. The key is the cardstock paper shapes have to be perfect, or it won’t piece together well. It’s a hand stitching thing, so after I learned how to properly do the stitches, what order to attach the pieces, and how to remove the paper. I spent a couple of weeks practicing and trying different stitches and different methods. I love the final look, but I also love the design possibilities with more than one shape. The Accuquilt dies have 4 dies for paper and a matching 4 dies for the fabric, which is a huge time saver! I tried hand cutting the shapes. No. I tried the cutter. Also no. I tried tracing, printing, freezer paper (cool, but also no). For me, I purchased some pre-made paper cuts designed for English paper piecing. Works great, and takes the stress away and I get to just stitch and have fun.

So much to learn, but I love how it all turned out!


Yep. Stitch to straight line stitching and then do curves, save yourself the frustration. Just saying.

It’s been a hectic few weeks learning, making mistakes, practicing and learning some more. It feels good to be learning some new skills, and I can’t wait to get to the embroidery parts, too!

Have a stitching adventure and step outside the embroidery box and jump into the sewing box!

Happy stitching!


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