If you have ever wanted to learn how to digitize, now is the time to start!  We make digitizing easy and fun with Embird!  Learn the basics from how to use the program in Manager, Editor and Studio – learn all of the tools and what they do – to step by step digitizing including workflow and step by step instructions. Some of the learn to digitize videos have some quick tips, as well as some more advanced skills and techniques.

Even if you thought  you knew everything about Embird, you will still always find things to learn and create – so keep learning!

New classes are released every Wednesday!  You can download and work with the class at your convenience, and learn at your own pace.    Here are some of the new classes for 2016:

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/all-about-fill-stitches-in-studio-beginner-1]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/fill-column-stitches-and-more-beginner-intermediate-2]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/optimization-and-connections-intermediate-advanced-3]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/class-4-make-your-own-motif-stitches-in-studio]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/embird-class-5-easter-egg-monogram]

Here are some more classes – each class is full of learning new skills and new workflows – some are designed especially for beginners, too!

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/beginner-thanksgiving-class-from-nov-14-2015]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/beginners-where-do-i-start-class]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/christmas-candle-applique-tutorial]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/column-stitch-class-november-21-2015]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/embird-class-halloween-beginners-design-oct-11-2015]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/embird-class-manager-september-27-2015]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/embird-class-all-about-embird-studio-october-4-2015]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/copy-of-embird-studio-class-august-15-2015]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/embird-digitizing-turkey-time]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/project-tutorial-christmas-applique]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/beginner-intro-to-embird-part-1-manager]

[shopify product=http://omldigitizing.com/products/halloween-intermediate-class-from-oct-25-2015]



  1. I read on one of the Facebook Embird pages, that you had a sale on the Embird Digitising Classes 50% off, could you please tell me if that is still the case. I’ve watched a lot of your posts on your OML site, I would be very interested if the sale is still on.
    Chris Sherwin

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