Create your own embroidery designs

You are in the right place!  At OML Embroidery, we have more than 15 years experience in embroidery and digitizing, and have been doing embroidery and digitizing at a professional level for many years.

We can teach you how to embroider like a professional in a short time.

Create your own embroidery designs
Learn how to create your own embroidery designs

3 Comments on “Are you ready to learn embroidery?”

  1. I’m having trouble with my needle getting stuck and my hoop coming apart and loosing everything I’ve sewed. When I try to put it back in place it’s off and I can’t figure out how to move the needle to start where it should. I have a Brothers ULT 2003. Can I move it or is it lost?

  2. If your needle is getting stuck, it may be that the embroidery is too dense to be stitched out. I have found in this situation of the hoop comes off the material on any machine, it is nearly impossible to get the exact same hooping done to save the work. I have not been able to accomplish this. you may be able to get very close, but not exactly the same, and the resulting embroidery will not be worth the effort. I would have a look at the design where the needle is getting stuck and check out the density and see if there are any other problems.

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