MEET GALLIFREY (“Gally for short”)

Meet Gallifrey, our newest addition to the family.  Gally is a miniature short-haired dachshund with black and tan colors.

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While I realize that introducing you to Gally really doesn’t have much to do with embroidery, but it actually does.  To  me.

Throwback Tuesday:  If you look at our logo it has three wiener dogs on it!  See the connection yet?  Well maybe not, but there is a connection.  Long ago (more than 12 years ago) I had three young wiener dogs to go along with my younger children.  We were quite the family.  The three doxieswere called Oscar, Maya and Lena.  Make the connection yet??  OML.   They were the inspiration for my first website and the start of the OML franchise!  I started off with a single needle Singer embroidery machine – wow, compared to what we use now, it seems so…small.  I started making professional custom designed doggie coats, and using my weenie babies as models.  This is also what got me started in embroidery digitizing.   Do you know how many good weenie embroidery designs are out there?   Next to none.  I wanted some cool weenie and doggie designs for my coats and for shirts for my kids.  I could not find too many that capture the true spirit of a dachshund.   So I decided I had to make my own!   After courses and lots of studying and many experimental stitching out of designs, I finally was able to digitize anything that I wanted.   And OMLembroidery was a huge success.  Now I digitize all day, every day.    It goes to show you that ever journey starts with the first step:.  I started making wiener dog designs, and now I make custom embroidered military patches every day!!

And it is the best job ever.

Sadly, the Oskar and the Maya of OML have passed away.   We miss them both every day.   And every day I see the OMLembroidery logo, I can remember them and honour them both.

We have Lena, who is elderly but happy and content in her life, and a 4 year old Odie who is a Wheaton Wire hair mini dachshund (just means he has wire  hair and has soft red hair with white wire hair – he’s a cool looking dude with a beard)



So thanks for meeting Gally.   He is the sweetest baby that I have ever had – he is calm and quiet and loves to play and also sleeps through the night.   He is a wonderful addition to our family, and I am thankful to have such a sweet little guy.

And what a face….he is so cute.

2 responses to “MEET GALLIFREY (“Gally for short”)”

  1. RB Avatar

    Awww, so cute!

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      Thanks! He is a real sweetheart and a good puppy!

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