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After an issue or two in some embroidery groups on Facebook, we decided to make our own place in a group on Facebook!  We had to think quite a bit about a name, and try and come up with something cool and catchy and of course something that people will remember.  One of my favourite sayings in all of my videos  is HAPPY DIGITIZING – mainly because we want to help create less frustrated, properly educated new digitizers – not frustrated and unhappy digitizers that do things wrong, and get bad stitch outs and are generally angry with the program…we have all been through that!  So we want to help create Happy Digitizers – happy digitizers that love to learn, attend classes and ask questions that they have been wondering about, or get stuck with – and happy digitizers that will have great stitch outs!

So we did it!

Our Facebook group is called EMBIRD HAPPY DIGITIZING.  That should be easy for everyone to remember!  Ha!

The group is designed to be a casual and fun group, and a great place to ask Embird questions.  If we have videos to answer the questions, we will post links for those answers – its easier to watch a quick video than read some boring instructions!!  The group will also be a place to “show off” your designs that you have created – no, its not a place to advertise designs, but to show off your new creations and ask for help if you are stuck.

Today in the group, I have been working on a Mjolnir design – Mjolnir is Thor’s Hammer – and I decided to do the ancient design – lots of nice fancy stitches.  Its not done yet, but here is the first part:


4 responses to “Facebook Embroidery Group”

  1. Susan Scott Avatar
    Susan Scott

    Love it count me in

  2. black615 Avatar

    “Webinar is Over” Well, that’s what I get for not staying updated on my PC. Looking forward to your next one. New Years Resolution 2013 “Learn to Digitize”! Thanks for all you do to help me. Pat Black

  3. badcompany59 Avatar

    I’m interested…..finally bought embird, so I want to start learning

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      glad you have joined us in the world of Embird digitizing! Its a great place to be! There are lots of videos, notes and homework as well as quick tip videos for you to learn from! Enjoy and Happy Digitizing!

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