Class video: All about column stitches

if you missed this class, you should go and buy it from!  We have had some great follow ups with people who attended the class and completed their homework – they are amazed at the level of digitizing they can now do!  the technique takes a little bit of practice, but once you get it down pat, it is absolutely amazing = and your embroidery designs will be up a few levels from the beginner level!

So check out the Column class in our store, and get to work on a new embroidery digitizing technique that will change how you digitize and help you to create stunning embroidery designs!

If you want to show off your homework, join the other people that have posted their amazing homework designs on our Facebook group Embird Happy Digitizing – join us for show off time, questions and answers and questions about the classes – we have a great conversation going on all about embroidery and Embird Digitizing skills.  Join us!

2 responses to “Class video: All about column stitches”

  1. Debbie Avatar
    Debbie is not a good url. Looks like a typo… missed the l But I found it. Thank you for putting these together, I still don’t have the hang of it, but I’m getting to know the tool better.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      Yes, it was a typo for the link to Tank you it has been fixed!

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