All about Column Stitches

One of the big differences between beginner and advanced embroidery designs is COLUMN STITCHES.   Yes, column stitches make all the difference.

Many beginner digitizers find the column stitches very difficult to use, and are very confused with the choice of A, B or C that you have when creating the stitches.  Many people also get confused with stitch placement – when you are creating stitches, the stitches get crossed over?   Yep, everyone does that, gets frustrated and then stops using them.  But column stitches are important and need to be incorporated into your designs with ease.

We have decided to do an entire class dedicated to column stitches!  Yep, the whole hour on how to use them properly!  Once you do this class, your fear of column stitches will be gone, and you will be eager to work with them and make some fancy embroidery!

This class is going to be held on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 5:00 PM EST.  Join us and learn some great embroidery skills that you will use every day!


Happy Digitizing!

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