A message from a nerd

Ok, thats me, I am the nerd.  Actually, I am surrounded by nerds, and thats a good thing.

The message from the nerd is:  STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER.  PLEASE.  That is the biggest quick tip that I can give you, and will probably help you the most.  Seriously.

The nerd part of me cringes when I hear that people are still using internet explorer.  Its not that I take any issue with the program or anything like that, its that internet explorer is ANCIENT and doesn’t even work on half the websites that you are seeing.  You are missing things, you are missing formatting and you are missing the beauty of the internet.

Believe it or not, websites have to be coded specially for IE viewing – internet explorer can’t read most websites because if its old code…but it can’t  be fixed completely, so some of the websites that you are on with IE will not be showing you the whole website.  No matter how much code I add to my website, IE can’t keep up with it – its too old and can’t read what I am adding.

A perfect example would be when people buy our videos.  In other web browsers, there are no issues in any way.   You click download and it downloads the video to your computer.  However, if you are still using IE, you click download, and it streams the video instead of downloading it.  Right there, that should be enough to switch.  STREAMS the video?  what are you supposed to do with that?  If you pause or have to come back to it at a later time, you have to do it all over again and it counts as a download to our website.  Why oh Why would you want that?  IE can’t read my website when it says the command download – IE reads ????? and decides to stream it.

I hate to think that people are missing out on some beautiful websites, or graphics or even typography – the whole package – on websites because they are using IE.  You are missing out on things- whenever there is an issue with a website, its IE.    IE can be frustrating to anyone – there are always going to be issues.  Read that again, most of the issues you are having with websites – reading it, downloading things, purchasing items, etc. are all because you are using an old, ancient archaic web browser that is so far behind in the times, it can’t even read what you want.

So, then the question is, why don’t they fix IE so it works?  Well, they have not and they will not – and by “they” I mean microstoft – they are not going to update IE, it is what it is – they have come out with a new browser – Microsoft Edge that is a completely new browser.  Thats how old and ancient IE is, they won’t even update it, they started a whole new browser.

Most people use Chrome or Firefox BECAUSE THEY WORK.  THEY WORK ALL OF THE TIME FOR EVERYTHING.  Now, I am a Mac person, so I use Safari.  Same thing – it works.

So listen to the message from a nerd:  stop using Internet Explorer and come over to the other side and have hassle free browsing with another browser.  A new browser is free to use- Chrome and firefox for example.  Its easy to download, and you can easily remove the little icon at the bottom of your screen, and replace it with the Chrome icon.


CHROME OR FIREFOX (or just about any other browser) WILL MAKE YOU MUCH HAPPIER.  PLEASE CHANGE.  DON’T WAIT, RUN.  CHANGE.  If you need help adding or removing the icon from your bottom task bar, I will gladly walk you through that – its super easy and will take 2 right clicks to do it.


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