Alienware + Embroidery = awesome

This is a blog about embroidery, all things embroidery,  so i thought I would add in my new toy that I bought the other day – an Alienware computer.   Its a dream come true.

Embroidery is my game…

What is Alienware?  its a cool top of the line brand of gaming computers (my game is embroidery) and it has lots and lots of power.  I am sure it will run all of my embroidery programs, as well as my graphic art programs, too.

I am a Mac girl by nature, I absolutely LOVE my iMac.  I know that you can run windows on a Mac with no issues – I did that for a long time, and it turns out that most Windows programs run better on a Mac !  I took off the Windows a few months ago because it was hogging my Mac – I need Mac for the videos – it takes a huge amount of processing power to render a video, even the short ones – and I don’t like to wait around for hours and hours while the videos are processing, and I also don’t like being without a computer for such a long time.  So that left me with nothing to run my embroidery programs.   Until now.

Alienware.  This is what it looks like:  It is actually a laptop so I can work anywhere.


Embroidery is my game:  so true!  I love to digitize, and hopefully with this baby my life will get much easier and I can work a lot better.   I have already moved my Wilcom Hatch over to the Alienware and I am so happy with the results- it runs even better than before!  I had no issues before at all, but Hatch on my Alien seems to be a match made in heaven so far – super mega fast (which makes me happy), the graphics are clear and everything is pretty zippy.

I guess this short blog is an extra to the other day “does your software make you happy?”  this one is part two – I love my software, but my computer was not making me happy.  So I fixed that now and I should be able to do anything I want.

So there it is, I made a change to make my embroidery time happy time.   You should too, if you need to.  No matter what computer, no matter what embroidery software you use, make sure you are happy with the tools that you are using.  If you are not, try something new…Hatch…a new computer to make everything run smoothly with no technical issues.

Did I say that the Alienware has some cool lights?  That helps too…cool lights always help…it makes things pretty 🙂

Next blog, back to stitch stuff 🙂


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