Does your software make you happy?

That is an odd question, I know.  But it is also a good question.  Does it?

Do you dread doing any embroidery work yourself because you have such a hard time with learning the software?  Do you put off doing work because it ends up being frustrating?  Does digitizing make you frustrated?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, you should consider making a change.  Now of course, digitizing is really not that easy (no, you can’t “convert a picture into embroidery” it doesn’t work that way), and you do have to learn, but if the learning becomes frustrating and the fun ends, then maybe it is time to make a change.

In our groups and also here on the blog, I hear of people that are glad that they tried something new, and had an open mind to make a change.  They are super happy because they are now making headway and progress with their new software – and finally digitizing and stitching out their own designs.

Change is good.   Having fun is good.

So if you find that you are bogged down by your embroidery software and can’t seem to make any progress at all, then try Hatch.  It is as simple as that.  TRY HATCH.

Thats all you have to do – try and see what you can do with it!  When I am teaching embroidery, the first thing we go through is learning how to get around with software and learn about the software – how it works, what you can do and where, where the tools are located and how you can customize your software.  I think that part is paramount to happy digitizing – being able to work with your software.  You can download Hatch and do exactly that – check it out, find out where the tools are and customize it.  The way that Hatch is set up, you can find all your tools quickly and easily – there is no switching to modules to digitize, its all right there.  Hatch takes half the worry from you right away!  No big learning curve there!

I feel very strongly that if your software is not making you happy, then change it.  Most people that digitize, love it.  They love their accomplishments and they do have fun.  If you are digitizing and creating embroidery for a hobby, it should be fun, right?  Start having fun with Hatch – you don’t know what you are missing – give it a try and you will see that I am right.  HATCH IS FUN.  DIGITIZING IS FUN.  And you can do it!!

That is your inspiration for today.  Have fun digitizing – and if you are not having fun, try something new.  You never know what is going to happen :).

I love to work, I love to digitize and I wish there were more hours in the day to digitize!

Happy Digitizing!

4 responses to “Does your software make you happy?”

  1. Clarice Avatar

    Thank you for this message, but YES my Software makes me Happy. I love my Embird. It took me some time to tame it but now, it is only pleasure. An I do appreciate that the updates are free most of the time. It is a great advantage. Nevetheless I will try Hatch.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      I am certainly glad that you are happy with your software! As long as you are happy it doesn’t matter what software you are using!! But an open mind is good – so i am glad you are checking out Hatch too. You never know! That is exactly how I got started with Hatch – I work with DG15 and I am NOT happy with the program…so I hopped over to Wicom’s site and saw Hatch and tried it, and I feel inspired and happy again – not bogged down by a digitizing program that I do not like.

  2. Kitty Davidson Avatar

    I’m in your camp Sue. Enjoying what you do is everything. I never in my life did machine embroidery, much less digitize anything. I’ve been at it now for about a year. My program 4D Professional by Viking, was the first software. I was disappointed, I gave up on the whole idea of machine embroidery for 5 long years. Came across Creative Drawings 6, and I loved it. Went a little nuts actually, LOL. Then Embird. I learned about digitizing…Video’s, tutorials, everything I could get my hands on. I’m exploring the idea of Hatch, because of it’s ability to get creative with effects.Not to mention that it’s reasonably priced compared to Creative Drawings and their add-on modules/ I won’t be going commercial or anything (been there with other things) but have grand kids that I can spoil. But, your comment on “software making you happy”, is soooo right on. If you can get creative with idea’s you may have, and have the software to accomplish it, and be happy using it …. you have a winner.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      Very well said! I am glad that you understood the whole idea of that blog…if you have ideas and can use your software to make things happen, and you are happy – you have a winner! Thanks for your comment.

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