Wilcom Hatch Class 2: Sunset Beach

Embroidery digitizing with Hatch makes me happy!  So I have been doing what I do best:  working!  I have come up with an awesome design for next week’s class:  a beautiful sunset beach design.  it is a bit more complicated than the owl, but I am certain that everyone can work with it.  We are going to Call Class 2 Beginner/Intermediate because we are taking the beginner style up a bit and adding some special effects and touching on column stitches.

Wilcom Hatch class lesson 2
you can do this! This class will help you create this detailed and beautiful embroidery design in Wilcom Hatch

This is a beautiful 5 x 5 design that will look great on just about anything – use on a tote bag, on a sweatshirt or t-shirt and add your own lettering.  My first suggestion would be “wish I was there”  lol.  I so seriously would be digitizing on that beach!  Ha ha!

We will be using some different tools for this one – the standard fill tools, but we are also going to great the color blend effect, some carvings, working with layers, plotting out the design and removing overlapped stitches.  For this design, we are going to let Hatch do the closest connection and put everything in the right order to optimize it for us.  We are doing to do some column stitches and some carving too.  Its going to be a full filled, information filled exciting class for everyone.

Hopefully everyone shares my enthusiasm and is looking forward to this class!

This class is using the Wilcom Hatch embroidery software, but the class will apply to any Janome MBX V5 users as well – the softwares are so closely the same that everyone can follow along!  All of the Janome V5 users say that they do not have any issues following the classes.  Welcome to everyone!


9 responses to “Wilcom Hatch Class 2: Sunset Beach”

  1. Clarice Avatar

    Thank you for keeping us aware.
    As you know both softwares and that they are more or less comparable. Would you say that you prefer Hatch to Embird ?
    Thank you.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      I do know both softwares quite well at this point. I like Embird because I have been using it for 10 years. I Like and am excited about Hatch for quite a few reasons: its powerful, its easy to use and there is not a huge learning curve – Hatch has everything that I want with a modern interface and one screen with tabs, so you can have more than one file open. I like to keep growing, and growing my business, and Hatch seems to take me in that direction – its new, and its good and its FUN. Both programs have their benefits and differences, but for what I do for a living (making patches) Hatch is now the program for me. You can download Hatch for free and compare the two, and see which one works better for you and your line of work!

      1. Pat Avatar

        I agree both are excellent programs, Sue, I love the way you create your lessons in Hatch. You make learning fun and at a pace we can follow instead of rushing through at superfast speed. Yes I know we can go back and watch other tutors as many times as we want. But we are beginners and not professionals, so we need to digest the lessons at a pace we can keep up with.

  2. Clarice Avatar

    Thank you very much indeed. I think I am going to try Hatch !

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      yes indeed! You have nothing to lose by trying!! Let me know what you think of the program – and you can watch some of my quick tip videos on Youtube to get used to the interface – and have fun!!
      Here is the introduction one, but there are many more: https://youtu.be/JlcdSlKypOk

  3. Sonya Avatar

    This sounds exciting! When will the class be available for purchase & download? Also, is there a location, besides Facebook, where the homework files will accessible? I’m still dragging my feet on getting started there, but I need the working file for the owl from lesson one and I’ll definitely need the rest as they come out.


    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      The first class – the owl design – is available now at OMLdigitizing.com. Class 2 – Sunset design will be available by Wednesday, May 25. I normally do the classes for release on Wednesday in general – sometimes it changes a bit 🙂 Right now the homework files are accessible on the Facebook group, however, we can email them to you if required. It would be great if you can join the group – everyone posts their homework and you can see what others have done to re-create the design – some of them are very inspiring! You can send us an email and request the Owl design if you need it now 🙂

      1. Sonya Avatar

        I’ll send you my email address to get the owl design. I bought the owl class and watched it last night. I *love* your teaching style, btw. So much fun!

        It’s not joining the group that’s the hold up for me as much as it is that I’m not on Facebook at all. I’ve been resistant to the idea, but….we’ll see.

      2. OML Embroidery Avatar

        I am glad that you enjoy the classes! I think my enthusiasm and passion take over :). I am glad to know that its fun!!! I can understand about Facebook…but you really might enjoy being in the group- there is so much information, etc. if you decide to give it a try, I will watch for you – and its lots of fun and there is lots to learn from other people, too! So try….you might like it….

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