For the love of Hatch: Success Story 2

Happy Friday everyone!  I have not posted many blogs this week, its been a tough week.  We have a sick doggie and the end is near, so i have been terribly sad.    I will get back on track next week and focus more on embroidery!

That being said, here is something that did cheer me up a bit:  another awesome Hatch discovery story, and the embroidery world opening up upon discovering Hatch Embroidery.  I just love these stories.  Hatch is changing embroidery lives here – opening embroidery doors – and releasing a whole lot of creativity!

I’d been looking at the Hatch software on the Wilcom site and having a very long “maybe some day” type conversation with myself about it. But after seeing your YouTube videos; I downloaded the trial version and started playing with it. It didn’t take me long at all to realize that the software was exactly what I’d been wanting (and looking for) for a long time. After 3 days of testing it out, seeing how user friendly it is and finding so much support out there in the form of videos and the folks at Wilcom; I took the plunge and bought the Digitizer package on the 12th. The Mother’s Day coupon didn’t hurt either.:-)

I originally became interested in machine embroidery quite a few years back when I became involved in historical reenacting and I wanted to use my machine for embellishing garments for myself and other family members. But I soon realized that the embroidery patterns I could find weren’t quite right for my intended projects. So, I decided I wanted to learn to digitize to get the patterns I needed. That quickly became frustrating and machine sat unused in my sewing room for I don’t know how many years.:-/ Fast forward to recent events….my oldest daughter had a baby girl in September and my youngest daughter just had a little boy a couple of weeks ago. There’s nothing like adorable little grandbabies to get your creative impulses going again! I took my embroidery machine out of the box thinking it was about time to actually use it and what better thing to start on than baby items? Let’s just say that working to get my grandson’s name embroidered on a baby cap for him hooked me big time. And the wheels immediately started spinning on what else I could finally tackle.:-) I knew there had been improvements in home embroidery machines in the years since I’d last used mine. And I figured/hoped that the same was true of software for home users. The stars aligned perfectly with my revisiting the Wilcom site, seeing your very informative tutorials and being able to buy the software.

I know that it will take time for me to learn to digitize, but I’m not frustrated or worried about that at all. And, with the abilities of the Hatch program; I know I’ll be able to do exactly what I want. Between the embroidery patterns I have as well as the many, many, *many* graphics files I have on hand for my Photoshop Elements programs; the sky really is the limit and I’m so excited to get started on this wonderful creative adventure.:-)

Thank you for your enthusiasm and for you generosity in sharing your knowledge with those of us who are so eager to learn

You are so welcome!  Thank you for sharing your story – all the best and of course Happy Digitizing!!  You should join our Facebook Group:  Hatch Tips and Tricks and share some of your creations with the group – we would love to see what you can create!


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