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If you are keeping up with us, we have posted quite a few new videos in the last while!  I have taken a few days off from making Embird Videos  to finish off the studio/embroidery room,  and we are now all ready to get back into making videos.  The next youtube video to watch for is a quick tip on Nodes and how to edit notes in Studio.  We are then going to make a longer and comprehensive video on node editing in Editor and in Studio.   Once you are done with this video, you will be a master of the Node Editing Mode, and you will be able to fine tune all of your embroidery creations!  We will have the Quick Tip up in a couple of days and as soon as we are finished setting up the technology in the studio – including a new microphone – we will have crystal clear sound.

Everyone so far has been learning a ton from the youtube videos and the more in depth videos and especially the classes!  The next upcoming class is Sunday October 11, 2015 and we will be digitizing a couple of Halloween  designs and we are going to start with brining the design into studio, and then we will digitize it from start to finish.  After that we will be doing some extra things to get in some details to make it look better.  If we have time in the class, we will be doing another Halloween Design in the same manner!

Happy Digitizing everyone, and join us on Youtube,  on the website OMLdigitizing.com and for classes and get learning digitizing with Embird.

Keep calm, and digitize on 🙂

I always say Happy Digitizing because everyone should be happy digitizing – its super fun and creative – and hopefully all the videos and information will help ease any frustration!


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