New Quick Tip Video plus more!

New quick tip video just uploaded to youtube!  If you subscribe to our youtube channel, you can get email notification every time we upload a new video!

This weeks quick tip video is all about images – when working in studio, how to bring a photo into studio and how to work with images  including how to resize any picture.  Is your jpeg pixelated?  No problem, I show you a few hints an tips on how to work with pixelated jpegs!


I liked the picture so much, I decided to make a whole video on how to digitize the turkey!  Its a really cute pic, and the design turned out great!  You can check out this new video at OML DIGITIZING and you can learn all about digitizing a turkey to make awesome Thanksgiving designs!  You also get the picture with the video, so you can learn and digitize at the same time.

Happy Digitizing!

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