Halloween Digitizing Class, October 25, 2015

Lots of embroidery things going on this week, including tonight’s digitizing class.  If you want to learn how to digitize properly, get inspired and create some beautiful embroidery designs, then you need to start attending classes!

Tonights class is a beginner/intermediate Halloween design, and we are going to explore some different ways of creating designs with one picture – thinking outside the box.

Sign up for the class, and we hope to see you there!

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  1. Rosemary Liebmann Avatar
    Rosemary Liebmann

    I’m sorry, Susan, if I have fallen off your e-mail list; but I didn’t received a notice of last week’s class that had to be cancelled or this week’s class. I really would like to receive all of your class notification, as I have much to learn. I can see some of your posts, but apparently not the correct ones. (I was wondering why you didn’t have classes last week) Of course, I can’t attend every week, but I’d like to know because I can then download the video recording of the class.

    Please, please keep me on whatever e-mail list you send the notifications of classes. Thanks.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      Hi Rosemary! Sorry you missed the class. The whole class video will be up on OMLDigitizing.com for you to purchase. I usually blog post the dates of the classes, and announce them on Facebook as well. The class last week was cancelled due to poor attendance, so we moved it to this week. Classes will generally be every Sunday at the same time 8:00 PM EST. We are not having a class at the end of October because we figure everyone will be too busy for Halloween :). So the next class will be scheduled for November 8, 2015, and so on from there. We did send out emails on our list from the school, but we got two complaints that we were sending out too many emails. I didn’t really understand why that was an issue, but we stopped sending them. Once the classes are officially scheduled (hopefully tomorrow) we will send out notice to you. Thanks for your comment – and yes, definitely get a copy of tonights class – everyone told us it cleared up a lot of issues with some of the techniques.

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