New Free Standing Lace Design

Whew!  What a busy week this week!  Lots of patch orders are keeping us super busy this week.  I have had some time to work on some new designs – and maybe teach the process in an upcoming class or video on OMLdigitizing’s site.

I absolutely love free standing lace designs – they are amazing to digitize and fun to watch them stitch out.  I think the end result is a beautiful piece of work with intricate details and they always look original and interesting – i usually have people ask me about the FSL designs that I have created in the past!  FSL is so interesting and are so beautiful.

I decided to work on some more dachshund designs, just because I love them so much!  We have three weenies at home – Odie – a Wheaton Wire Haired 4 year old guy, Lena-Dee – she is our old girl, now 10 and she is a short hair red weenie (actually she is registered as a wild boar) and of course we have our baby Gallifrey – and he is a short hair black and tan.  We have a few short hair designs, but there are very few wire hair or long hair weenies in our collection, so I decided to work with Odie’s silhouette, and create a free standing lace design that shows his beard!

free standing lace design

I am going to make it into a nice bookmark for my Grandmother!  She was able to join us for the Thanksgiving holiday and Mr. Odie got lots of turkey that day!  She had a wonderful time feeding Odie treats and getting lots of cuddles, I thought she would like this reminder of Odie and Thanksgiving.

It is a work in progress, and I see that I have a few rogue lines to fix up, but all in all i think it is a beautiful design in free standing lace!  Sounds like a learning opportunity to me!


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