Halloween digitizing class

On October 11, 2015, we did a digitizing class using two Halloween designs.  It was a great class, and we zipped through everything and came up with some great ideas, and learned some new techniques and ways to improve your designs.   We took two little designs and created a whole Halloween scene!  The best part of the class was seeing some of the homework designs that people have created.  It was awesome to see how creative and original people can be!  Think outside the box – use different stitches, set them up differently and mix some colors – they all looked great.  If you are stuck on some homework, please feel free to send them to us to check out and help you along!

The next class is also a Halloween design.  Sadly, we had to cancel the first one, but we are trying again for this weekend, October 25, 2015.  We cancelled the class because there were not enough people signed up for it – we need at least 10 people for the class.  So we are hoping that we get more interest in the classes.  Even though this class is marked as Intermediate – everyone can do the class and learn something from it.

The design is going to be another Halloween design, but we are going to use some different techniques to make it even better.    We are going to use some gradients, shading and carving to make a pumpkin design look great.

So join up for the class so we can keep them going, and give yourself the opportunity to learn more about digitizing embroidery, and learn how to digitize properly and like a pro!

Sign up today and keep the classes going!



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