Motif Stitches

If you have not heard yet, our newest Class video is all about Motif stitches.  So far, we have had some great feedback on this lesson!

Motif stitches are small run stitches that form a design or style.  Most people forget that they are there, and don’t really know how to use motif stitches.  You can use some in a line, or use them as fill stitches.   But wait, that’s not all!  you can do so much more with Motif stitches.  You don’t have to use one motif stitch – you can use 3 different ones and mix and match for a whole new design.  You can set up rows or columns and come up with some different and completely original fill designs.

Here is one of the first comments on the class from our Facebook Group – Embird Happy Digitizing:

I absolutely love the motif class. I haven’t stitched anything out yet because I’m having too much fun playing in embird. I did my initials, it’s so cool, thank you so much for showing us how to do this smile emoticon –  Elaine Ninnis

And here is what she created from the class:


Good work, Elaine!  You can see how much fun it is learning about Motif stitches!  She digitized the letters and then added a wave effect – and it looks great!

If you haven’t picked up the class – now is a great time to get it and get started making your own motif stitches!

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