Lets Learn to create Motif Stitches

This week’s upcoming class is going to be a good one! All about creating your own motif stitches using a background image or the image lines provided to create your own freehand motif stitches.

Motif stitches are light stitches that are used as fill stitches and can add interest and style to any design, and also keep the stitch count lower.  Motif stitches provide some “wow” factors to your design if they are used properly – remember that too much of a good thing is not necessarily good – so use your motif stitches wisely!   If the motif stitches are strategically places and have an awesome design, they will change the outcome of your whole design!  In the video two weeks ago – the Digitizing a Bee video – we worked on fill stitches and motif stitches, and I placed the motif stitches on one single part of the design.  That single part of the design was most noticed and everyone commented on how pretty it was, and how much it added to the whole entire design – and all I used is a simple motif stitch!

So with this week’s upcoming video, you can step it up a bit more and create your own motif stitches that work better with your designs.  Some motif stitches are downright fancy and look amazing when they are done.  Here is one example from the video:  a bold letter A (for a monogram maybe?) filled with motif letter A – in rows and in the same color.  And wow, does it look great!  I would love to do that for a monogram letter!


Check out our newest class video, scheduled to be released on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 and learn the skills you need to create original motif stitches that will add interest and wow to your embroidery designs.

See you at class on Wednesday (no there isn’t a specific time for the classes, I just like saying that)


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