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Here is a great motto for life, and also embroidery:


That a motto that I live on:   it has helped me accumulate knowledge and learn a program or a new skill.  Take it one baby step at a time – learn something and learn it well.   We can take this line of thinking into embroidery, too!

Here is the challenge:  Learn something new in embroidery every day.  It doesn’t have to be something monumental requiring hours and hours of your time: sometimes the little things are important too!  No matter what embroidery software you have, you can learn something new about that software every day or at least a few times a week.  You can look at the program, go over the tools and find one to play with – then you can test out the tool make sure that you know everything that it does – and if you don’t know something then look it up or watch a video.   If you do this every day or every other day – imagine what you will know at the end of the week?  At the end of the month? That kind of information piles up!

If you are short on time, you can still take 5 minutes to open up your program and check out the user manual, start at the beginning and find one thing that you didn’t know.  Its quick and easy to accomplish, and you will be keeping  your goal.  I tend to work this way because reading a manual is not the same as reading a good book,  although the manual is a great book, at times it can be less than exciting, and its hard to read the whole thing in one shot, and retain all of that information.  So for me, the answer is to take it one step at a time – one chapter at a time, or one subject at a time – and if you do this daily, then you will absorb the little bits of information better because you are not overwhelmed with a ton of information.

This old saying can apply to anything embroidery.   You can take 5 minutes every day and learn about your embroidery machine – you may be surprised that you find some features that you forgot were available!    You may find a better way of doing the same old things, you might find a shortcut or two.  Every little bit helps, and every shortcut helps too.

Take 5 minutes out of your day and discover something new and LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY…..keep your mind fresh, learn new things and remind yourself of small details that may have been forgotten.

Try it!  Happy Digitizing!  Happy learning, too!

learn embroidery every day

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