Learn How to Digitize: Cute Cat Design

learn to digitize embroidery
Learn how to digitize this cute cat design, step by step

Wilcom Hatch/Janome Digitizer MBX V5 beginner embroidery lesson, beginner level.

Learn how to digitize this awesome and cute cat design – learn step by step by step how to digitize this super cute embroidery design.   In this class, we use some different techniques to complete the design and learn a few different ways to accomplish the digitizing – there are always different ways to digitize the same design.  By the end of the class, you will learn how to properly place nodes – left and right clicks for straight and curved lines – and doing them in the right order, remove overlaps, the clone tool and the reshape tool to name a few.

Many people ask the question ” if I have a 6×10 design that I have created, can i change it to a 3 x 3 design”?   The quick answer is “yes” although you are going to have to make some changes.  Once we have finished digitizing the design that we created, we then take the design and make it considerably smaller!  We look at the design and fix the errors – changing the stitch types, angle lines and make the design look great at a small size, too.

Janome Digitizer MBX V5 and Hatch are practically the same program – Wilcom makes both of the programs!  The programs are almost exactly the same and work the same – so we consider each program to be interchangeable – the digitizing tools are split up on the tabs on tleft-handand side list, but they are pretty easy to sort out.  Janome Digitizer V5 has one or two different tools, but the rest of the program is the same.   How awesome is that?  The two programs are so closely related, they are almost sisters!

So check out this new class, and learn to digitize like a pro!  Step by step instruction will help you through the digitizing process.


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