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Everyone knows by now that I like fonts and typography, especially in embroidery.  Once you get a super nice font, it’s great to use it in any number of projects – the right font makes the project or design complete!

I have recently purchased a few of the font packs that you can get in addition to the Hatch software because I love the typography – and I love the pre-digitized fonts.  I know I can use TTF fonts and convert them into embroidery just fine, but usually, I prefer the pre-digitized fonts if at all possible.  Most of the TTF fonts you use can have small (or large errors) that don’t look great when you are stitching them out – and you always have to be careful with them.  You will not know if it is a font you can use again until you stitch it out and find out.  Sometimes they look good on the computer, and not so good on the stitch out.  Not so with pre-digitized fonts – you are pretty much guaranteed a great stitch out and a sharp looking font.  Of course, all of the pre-digitized fonts have limits too – and most of the time they have a minimum and maximum recommended size, but as long as you stick within these limits, you are almost guaranteed that you will have no errors and great looking lettering.

Which brings me to the subject of this blog, the Henriksson font.  I was surprised when i checked out this font – it’s almost an entire design in the font.  It features a diamond shaped swirly lattice design with a beautiful letter in the middle!  It is incredible, and I, of course,  had to test stitch it out immediately.  And me being me, I can’t just test out something, I have to test it to its limits!!  I decided to create a key fob featuring this font.   The result is fantastic!

embroidery fontsI think you can never have too many fonts – but if your fonts aren’t working well for you, get some new fonts!  More and More!  If you are adding lettering, then the fonts you pick will make or break your design, you need to find the right font for the right layout.  And of course, if you can get your hands on something like this Henriksson font, then your font is actually working for you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone – keep working on your projects and Happy Digitizing!


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  1. Janet M Rettig Avatar
    Janet M Rettig

    where can I key the template for the key fob? Thank you

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