This is a news flash!  ATTENTION EVERYONE!

ATTENTION EVERYONE!  I will pause at the end of the blog and wait for everyone’s “ah-ha” moment to happen.  This blog and video is the beginning of something incredible in embroidery:  Corel Draw X6.

As always, my sincere enthusiasm proceeds me, but I am super excited about Corel Draw X6 working with embroidery.  Why?


It really is that exciting.  If you have Wilcom Hatch, Janome MBX Digitizer V5 and Berninia Digitizing software, then you have an all access pass to creativity!  Woot!

Corel Draw X6 Essentials or the X6 Suite works seamlessly with the above-mentioned embroidery programs – although of course, you can use Corel X6 on its own at any time,  having it work hand in hand with the embroidery program is a game-changer in my book.

WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?  The big deal is that you can create a design in Corel X6 and with a click of a button you can convert that design into embroidery.

I am going to wait to let that sink in…

Yes.  Convert your design into embroidery with one click.  And it works very well, too!  This is also a monumental benefit because it allows you access to many more tools – you have a library of shapes that you can pull out, you have merge, trim and many tools like that (to bring together two objects, and have parts cut out) you have access to drawing features and so many more tools that can be put to use in embroidery.  If you have ever struggled making a heart shape or even a star shape in embroidery, you can accomplish that task in a few minutes by using Corel X6.  All you have to do is pull out the heart shape to the size and shape that you want, and then click a button and convert it to embroidery.

When you have converted a design into embroidery, you can switch back and forth to add or make changes.  If you are working in the embroidery part, you have access to all of the editiing tools that you normally have:  you can move nodes, change angle lines and change the size of the design!  Nothing changes, except things are much easier to do now.

If you have every opened up Corel X6 and found it confusing, check out this video – I will get you up and running with Corel in no time – the video shows you how to make a heart and a few other shapes – change the size of the outline and add some fill color – and then click convert and take it right into embroidery.   We have more videos coming on this subject, and we will further manipulate the artwork by adding some fancy patterns and using the merge, trim etc. tools.



  1. Daniel Nickeson Avatar
    Daniel Nickeson

    I wonder if this works in new versions of corel draw ?
    They are on version 8 now.

    love the tips and tutorials!!!


    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      NO IT DOES NOT – YOU CAN ONLY USE CORELDRAW V6 ESSENTIALS with Hatch using it this way. the newer versions are not compatible at all.

  2. Ryan Jaxon Avatar

    yes this is very incridible creation in COREL Draw X6 and it really opens so much doors or ideas in digitizing embroidery . This blog is very helpful for me . Thank you

  3. Amy Huffman Avatar
    Amy Huffman

    Can you please tell me if the Corel version 8 is at this time compatible with Hatch? Or can you please tell me where I can find the version x6 if not. I’m just starting out and I really appreciate all the information and help that you offer!

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      the new V2 hatch works with corel 8 now!

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