TODAY IS ALL ABOUT STITCHES AND STITCH EFFECTS!   And we are going to talk about some really cool stitch effects that are available in Wilcom Hatch – they are quick and easy to use and adjust, you just have to  use them in day to day embroidery!

CONTOUR STITCH:  This is the first stitch effect that we are talking about today (and there are more blog posts to come with different stitch effects).  The contour stitch is an amazing effect that gives your embroidery shape, depth and interest and looks more complicated than it is to create!  It certainly adds a wow factor to a simple plain circle!   Here in Wilcom Hatch, you have a plain circle – yes, anyone can create a plain circle, its not that hard:

embroidery circle with plain fill stitch

Yes, its a circle – and thats about all you need to say about that – its nothing fancy and is lacking in WOW.

What if you could make one click and have something interesting, with dimension and includes Wow?  Something like this:

welcome hatch

NOW THAT IS MUCH BETTER!  With the simple addition of the contour stitch, you can add depth and dimension and shading – it makes the circle look a little more 3D and have some dimension to it.  And it is so easy to do!  Just a few simple clicks takes your embroidery up a few levels – from blah and ordinary to WOW, that is a cool effect!  The contour stitches are light and airy, not too dense and sets the focus of your eyes – the contour stitches are directional and contour the shape that you are working on.  It just can’t get any easier than that!  Pick up a FREE demo copy of Wilcom Hatch today from Wilcom’s website:  WILCOM HATCH and start improving your embroidery skills and working with the contour stitch.

Check out this quick tip video and see how easy the contour stitch is to use in every day embroidery:

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