Wilcom Hatch: Priced Right

I know we have been talking about Wilcom Hatch a lot lately, but I am still so excited about this program!

Although we do have a commercial level embroidery digitizing program, I have always wanted Wilcom software – the commercial software!  Every few months I go to Wilcom’s site to see if somehow, some way we can manage to get our hands on the software.  The last time I checked, I saw a picture of WILCOM HATCH.  HATCH?  what the heck is Hatch?  so i clicked on the picture and smiled.  Finally, Wilcom that I can afford!!  Woohoo!  And its all in one package, everything I need.  That is how I found out about Wilcom Hatch and it has been non stop Hatch ever since!

I wondered, as I was downloading the free trial, that is actually free and is fully functional – so you can test stitch the designs that you digitize in Hatch – is Hatch going to be as powerful and as good as Wilcom?  And the answer is YES.  Although I still don’t have the Wilcom commercial software to compare to, I do have other embroidery software that I can use as a comparison, including commercial software.  And Hatch pretty much beats them all – its powerful, everything works, its fast and it has all the tools you will need.

I think a lot of people just see “Wilcom” and immediately think that they can’t afford it, so why bother.  Its Wilcom, we all know it is the best software out there, but only commercial big companies can afford to use it.  Not any more.  Hatch comes along and changes everything.   Every day so far I say ” I am happy to have a piece of the Wilcom Pie”  meaning that I am happy to have ANY Wilcom software!!  And it’s true, I am happy!!

So what about pricing for Hatch?  In this video, I take you to the Hatch website and show you all around, show you the prices, the three modules, the add-ons and where to start.  Personally, I got the advanced digitizing level because I need every tool that they have to offer!  Plus, who can live without their layouts module?  Not me, that’s for sure.

Do yourself a favor and check out this quick minute video on Wilcom Hatch:  Priced just right and see the website and prices for yourself.  You will be impressed!


13 responses to “Wilcom Hatch: Priced Right”

  1. Clarice Avatar

    Thank you very much. I am very tempted. You seem prefer Hatch to Embird. What about the future upgrades and updates ? With Embird, it is always more than affordable.
    In any case thank you for letting us know.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      I really do enjoy Hatch! Its a great program and has some really exciting features. As far as future updates, etc. go, I really don’t know – I don’t make the program or work for Wilcom – i just like using it. I am sure that everything that Wilcom Hatch plans for the future will be awesome – and since the base program is affordable, I am guessing that future updates will be as well. You may want to contact Hatch and see if they can provide you with any insight on future updates.

    2. Nyssa Lanzafame Avatar
      Nyssa Lanzafame

      did you ever find anything out about updates and cost?

    3. nyssajoe Avatar

      did you ever learn anything more about the updates and cost?

  2. kelly ellison Avatar
    kelly ellison

    Thanks so much, I am ready for you to do more videos, I use embird right now and have a lot of the programs they offer but always wanted wilcom but could not afford it and saw this and thought that is awesome and downloaded Hatch and then found you, the thing is there is so much I can not figure out and would be more than willing to pay for tutorials on just the normal things like redwork stitch joining to the design where I need it to and some other basic things I can not figure out with wilcom but I am going to work on this for the full 30 days and see what I think, hopefully I will understand it more soon LOL, I am experimenting but not going so well so far LOL, thanks again and I hope you make more videos we can buy to learn from. thanks

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      I understand what you mean about Wilcom – I am so happy to have any Wilcom product – it is so good. I think Hatch is an excellent program, and its so easy to use. Have you checked out my quick tip videos on youtube? there are 19 videos that will help you get started with Hatch – they are short quick tip videos, but they have lots of information!

      I also have one class video so far – and its digitizing from start to finish of a really cute owl. We also have another class video coming up this week including some color blending.

      Here is the link for class #1 :https://omldigitizing.com/collections/wilcom-hatch-tutorials

      We will have more classes coming weekly, and many more quick tip videos. WELCOME TO WILCOM HATCH!!! you will love Hatch!

  3. grannato2 Avatar

    They NOW OFFER A MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN, which makes it EVEN more affordable!!!
    I think it is 199.00 for 6 months for the DIGITIZING software!

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      I am pretty sure that its the most awesome deal yet…6 payments is awesome!

  4. Michael Avatar

    im unsure if the 1099$ Hatch is worth the difference to … say 300$ Embird. What does Hatch really do better then embird?

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      In my opinion, Hatch does quite a few things better, and we are really happy with anything we have stitched out. You should download their full trial and check it out for yourself – and let us know what you think once you compare the two programs.

  5. Kathy Konegan Avatar
    Kathy Konegan

    After watching your video on the Hatch embroidery software I have decided to download the free trial. I am using Husquavana 5D right now and I am not happy with what you have to pay if you want to upgrade to a recent version. I have considered Floriani and Dime. What is you opion on their software?

  6. Steve Avatar

    Thanks OML for this video and your insights. I am just getting into this & was strongly leaning toward the full commercial Wilcom (E3) but I notice there is almost $500 difference between what Wilcom charges to supply direct & what the machine manufacturer charges when they bundle E3 it with their machine.
    So I started looking for more affordable options such as Stitch ERA Liberty & Embird. Both are much less expensive. Now you have me thinking I should stick with Wilcom.

    1. nyssajoe Avatar

      steve i was wondering what you ended up doing?

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