We went to Anita Goodesign in Charlotte, NC and bought you some embroidery designs!

Let me first say that this was the BEST TRIP EVER! It was a 12 hour drive from Canada, but worth it! We did some serious Anita Goodesign shopping and had a tour of the Anita Goodesign office where all the magic happens. Yeah, it was a dream come true. All of it.

Well, we did it! We traveled 12 hours by car to get to the Anita Goodesign big Garage Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this video, I am going to show you exactly what we got. It was seriously so much fun, I loved it all! First I am going to show you the thank you package that we received when we made our purchase – such a nice thank you gift in a pretty little box! All for FREE. Next on the video is what we purchased, and most of the machine embroidery designs we purchased are for YOU. Yes, seriously, that is what we did! We have around 200 Anita Goodesign Full, Mini, project and heirloom packs to give away on the channel. There are new embroidery designs, older embroidery designs too. There are tons of in the hoop designs, applique designs for beginner embroidery to advanced embroidery. Do you want to learn patchwork? There is a set of designs for you in my new stash – and you can win it for free! How about large applique scenes? yep, got that too. for any hoop size! If you want to learn how to stitch machine embroidery designs, each embroidery design collection has a complete step by step instructions to show you how to DIY embroidery projects. Applique, ITH in the hoop embroidery are just the beginning – there are so many designs for free for YOU, I don’t even know where to start! We have invested in this channel – nothing in the video was given to us, we paid for everything. We are investing in YOU and want to give you free machine embroidery designs and all we as in return is participation in the OML Embroidery youtube channel! watch, LIKE, comment and SHARE the videos. Shout it out at the top of your lungs to get everyone to watch the videos!! You can do it! Imagine what we are going to give away next? Your embroidery machine will thank you! Even if you are a beginner embroiderer, you will notice the difference between Anita Goodesign machine embroidery designs and other embroidery designs. Your embroidery machine (even if it is a beginner machine) will be happy!

We have invested a lot in this channel, so we hope to get likes, comments and shares from you guys to keep the channel growing. We can do this!


6 responses to “We went to Anita Goodesign in Charlotte, NC and bought you some embroidery designs!”

  1. DeAnna Stanga Avatar
    DeAnna Stanga

    I see lots of fun ahead for all of us! Thank you for all both of you do for us to have fun while learning something about the craft we love. 🥰

  2. Carol Finck Avatar
    Carol Finck

    OH MY GOSH How wonderful. I love Anita Goodesign…Thank you both so much.

  3. Cheryl K Avatar
    Cheryl K


    That was great of Anita Goodesign. It was because of your You-tube show that I subscribed to Anita Goodesign and purchased a year’s membership. Soon after, I informed them of how your show is outstanding. I love their quality and was sick of correcting the poor digitizing from other companies. I hope next year to go to Anita Goodesign’s Garage Sale too. Hope you are well and keep up the great work!


  4. gloria facemyer Avatar
    gloria facemyer


  5. pat Avatar

    Love the carolinas thanks for showing us

  6. Barbara Richter Avatar
    Barbara Richter

    That’s just amazing!! Y’all are awesome!!

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