the big question: WHAT MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?

Class Podcast: Digitizing fun stuff for letters Embroidery Talk with Sue

You can check out the video on youtube HERE if you need to see the designs.  I hope that having a podcast of the classes will allow you to review the class while doing other things. This is a new Letters series for digitizing machine embroidery lettering – this is the intro video that starts right at the beginning of how to edit built in lettering. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Class Podcast: Digitizing fun stuff for letters
  2. Unboxing DANCING STITCHES Monthly Quilt box with Lynne
  3. Do you have a backup plan for your embroidery?
  4. Don't miss this podcast!! Super important chat with Sam about internet security.
  5. Embroidery Talk with Sue – What does Sue do all day?

hey, welcome to my podcast!  this week’s subject are questions that everyone asks:  WHICH MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?  WHICH MACHINE IS BEST?  WHICH MACHINE IS THE BEST VALUE?  and yes, I will answer the questions!  I wish I had a simple answer, but it really isn’t simple.  The machine that is best for me, is probably not best for you.  Why? 

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