Opinions, Please…

The title of this blog is a little deceiving, I don’t want everyone to add their opinions to this post, but I just want to point out that everyone has opinions.

And most of the time other people’s opinions are going to be different than yours.  It happens.  It happens a lot.

Social media has become a major “fighting ground” for people’s opinions.  It’s sad that social media is being used for negative things these days, and people can get downright mean about their opinions!

Why don’t we all step back a little bit and look at the big picture – EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR VIEWS.  So why bother to change their opinion?  Not everyone has to agree with you.

BEFORE I get some nasty posts or emails – let’s do the usual disclaimer – if you think this blog is about you, referencing you, or based on you – you are completely incorrect.  I am not harassing anyone, I am not pointing anyone out, I am not “using hot topics for drama” for any reason, I am writing a blog and you are reading a blog.  Or not.  You don’t have to read my opinions on subjects if you don’t want to, that’s for sure.  You can scroll on by quite quickly.

So in my opinion, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Not everyone has to agree with everyone else; that is never going to happen.

People can have their own opinion with embroidery as well.  What is easy for you, might not be easier for me.  But am I wrong and you are right?  No.  Does it matter?  No.  It’s an opinion.

I had this discussion with someone a year ago regarding doing applique at the machine.  Personally I prefer to pre-cut my fabric with scissors or my cutting machines.  I like how they look when they are finished, and I like doing all of the prep work before I get to the machine.  This person insisted that the OTHER way of doing applique was much, much better because cutting in the hoop was easier for her.  This person also pointed out that I should teach both ways, because her way was easier. I would spend hours and hours teaching the same thing, just doing it in different ways. Really?  My response was nice and polite, but it was basically “I am glad that you find cutting in the hoop easier, maybe you can do a video for everyone to learn from”  the key words being “you do a video”.  I do many many videos in a week, and they are time-consuming to say the least – between planning, recording, editing and uploading, that 5-minute video can take more than an hour in most cases.  Going back to the topic of opinions – that is super great that she finds it easier to do applique in that fashion, but it doesn’t mean that I have to, does it?  Does it mean that I HAVE TO do a video to show her way?  No.  No it doesn’t.  In many of my videos, I state that there are more than one way of accomplishing the same goal, and you need to find our own way – I can show you how I do it, but you certainly don’t have to do it that way if you find a “better” way of doing it.  I am not wrong doing it my way.  You are not right doing it your way – they both work.   I do appreciate suggestions any ideas of course; that part is great, but I don’t have to do a video on your suggestion because I am wrong.  Do you get what I am saying?  WE CAN BOTH BE RIGHT, AND WE CAN BOTH DO IT DIFFERENT.  THE END RESULT IS STILL APPLIQUE.

Everyone out there has to have some tolerance of opinions.  Everyone has an opinion.  If you take 10 steps to do a certain task and I take 5 steps, doesn’t mean that my way is right and you should change everything to do it my way because it is wrong.  If you are happy doing your 10 steps, then do your 10 steps.  However, on a side note, I am always up for learning and finding new ways of doing things, and more learning.  So I am never opposed to changing my ways if it does improve the workflow for ME, or has a better result – I am open to other people’s opinions, and having a few ways of doing the same thing is always beneficial.

The best part about social media is if you have a different opinion than those writing an article, a blog, a post or a crafty way of doing something, you can just scroll on.  Many people say that when they are the target of something ‘IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT OR AGREE WITH MY WORK THEN SCROLL ON” but yet they feel obliged to write a nasty email or post, and forgo their own advice?  I wonder if they realized that they screamed advice at people, then failed to take their own advice?  It’s funny when you think about it…

Let’s be tolerant out there and stop using social networking for negative things – let’s be positive and simply enjoy the art of embroidery, embroidery digitizing and creating new things.




3 responses to “Opinions, Please…”

  1. Lisa SewBubbles Avatar

    Well said! Everyone learns software and machine embroidery in their own way – what works and is “so easy” for one person may not work for another. Thanks for taking the time to express your opinion in a kind thoughtful manner – its completely relate-able to me.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      thanks for your comment 🙂 yes, everyone learns in different ways and its absolutely fine – another good example is people think I have to use keyboard shortcuts for embroidery. I just don’t use them, ever. I try for the videos, but it’s hard to do lol – so I say look ’em up and use them if you want to, i am used to using a pen and tablet, so no shortcuts for me!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Hello? Are you still avaible for tips and classes? Im just beginning in digitizing and working as a machine operator but am super excited and trying to get started in my own buisness… I love embrodiery and have a list of ideas a mile long from towels handmade items to Biker patches ( yes my husband an I ride) but I am lacking the know how to put ideas to stitches..I have explored your videos on You tube, printed all of the Embird help topics, but am looking also for maybe blogs, answers to questions ect… basically any and all info i can find!! Knowledge is Power 😉
    Thank you,

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