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My brain and my eyes hurt today! I have updated and improved the website so that everything will be easier to find, search and look at so you can find what you are looking for. There is one issue that I know of, and that on every product waaaaay at the bottom, there are some watch pictures–i know they are there – and I found the code to get rid of the darn things but it won’t let me save it….so, time to walk away and do some digitizing or eat something I shouldn’t.

Get all of your embroidery friends to check out the new site and try one of my designs. So far everyone has hopped in and got all the free designs, but didn’t purchase anything. One of the free designs has 600 downloads – yay, happy stitching to everyone who downloaded it. I only wish that sales were even a portion of that! Normally I sell 20 of each design, sometimes more, but the only big seller was the #meepp block 1. So far this month, the revenue is $271 USD. I am not complaining, i absolutely love what I am doing, but that doesn’t get me far, LOL. I really really don’t want to do patches anymore, its going to cost a ton to get it started, on top of the 15K I had to refund, so its really adding up. I want to keep going on this and make some really cool designs and write down all of your suggestions – you guys know i can make anything 🙂

So let’s make this happen so I can forget about production and work hard at keeping updated and up to date with everything. I am not looking to get rich, but I would like to be able to pay the bills, and that’s it. Oh, and eat. I kinda like to eat sometimes, LOL. Yes, I always joke around, it’s my defence mechanism. Laugh or cry I always say. I would rather laugh any day no matter the circumstances.

get your friends to get some free designs and maybe purchase one or two designs and that will help so much. We can do this – you will be surprised how fast it will come together!

Enjoy the website, I will be making adjustments as I go, but I do think it is much better than the old one. It works better and looks better.

Let me know in the comments what you think, or make a post in the OML Embroidery University group. There are 13K people in the group, can you imagine if even a small portion of people purchased one thing? that’s all it takes to keep things going.

Thanks everyone, I am always here to help out, inspire, create and have some embroidery fun!! Oh, and my nails are always pretty, ha ha ha.


3 responses to “New Website Design”

  1. Judith Whittaker Avatar
    Judith Whittaker

    LOVE the new website of this wonderful embroidery designer and teacher! Keep us the great work, Sue! – – – “judyquilt”!

  2. mgdancers Avatar

    I can’t sign in, I try to change my password and i can’t sign in. Help

  3. JAC1215 Avatar

    I like the new site. It looks great. You should add a section for your ever changing nails. :-))

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