New Subscription Box

Are you ready for a challenge? something different? then check out today’s video (released at 4PM EST) and we will unbox a new subscription box that I love!

The box is from and it’s fantastic! Everything is pre-cut and ready to stitch. I picked the quilting box because it’s going to be great to practice sewing AND I will come up with some great quilting designs that we can do in the hoop.

All you have to do is piece together the pre-cut shapes, and then put it all together. Everything you need is in the box, including thread.

Why am I recommending this? if you love quilting in the hoop (Anita Goodesign has a ton) then you will know that you need to bring up your sewing skills to be able to finish your project. I have been looking for projects that focus on improving your sewing skills, but are not impossible to sew. This box has it all. The piecing is all cut for you, and the sewing lines are small – so if you make a mistake it only takes a minute to try it again!

Check out Dancing Stitches here: Sewing & Quilting Subscription Box | Dancing Stitches ( and get practicing your sewing skills!!

To see everything inside this box, check out the unboxing video when it is released:

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