New class videos now up!

It has taken a little while to figure out, but we have finally done it – we have posted the videos of all of the classes to date for everyone to get!  We took so long to figure it out for a few reasons:  cost for one, websites can be expensive!  the second reason is ease of use:  it was difficult on our present website to upload the videos, and it took forever!  The videos had to be split up into smaller parts.  That was very time consuming to do, and we thought it was more difficult for everyone to download!  Its a bit annoying to have to download three or four different files for one download, right?

So we have all of this fixed now, and you can download the class video files in their entirety in one download!  Nice and easy and you won’t have to worry about missing anything in the classes – you can basically “attend” class at any time that you want!

We will be making some changes to to accommodate the new website that holds all of our files and videos and embroidery designs to make it even easier for everyone to find them!  But for now, you can go to and you can find all of the classroom videos plus a few more, including project files!  learn at your leisure and have some fun at the same time!

So head on over to OMLdesigns and check out the videos.  We are still loading up the website, so check back often for new videos and new designs!


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6 responses to “New class videos now up!”

  1. Gina South Avatar
    Gina South

    Hi Sue,
    I have been watching your tutorials daily now and they are absolutely the best and so easy to follow. Thank you! and I was hoping you could help me or guide me to a good decision.
    I am confused about what software to purchase.Basic Embird has been my only software for over 10 yrs. I also have 3D Embroidery and PE Design that I just downloaded from a very cheap site…. I have also been looking at Embrilliance 6D Embroidery. The machines I have is a Viking Diamond Deluxe and Designer SE.
    What I would really like is a software that I can do stippling and quilt stitches to use with my huge collection of designs. Creating different ways to use fonts software is fantastic. As far as digitizing designs, I just don’t have that much interest. My Designs folder is a collection that spans the past decade and would like to be able to do quilt blocks and use them with different projects.
    What software would you recommend? Is there a software for this kind of embroidery that isn’t so terribly expensive?
    Sue, I would appreciate any advice very much.
    Thank you for all you do.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      First, if you dowloaded those other programs from a cheap site, I wouldn’t be telling anyone that – I know PE design costs around $1,500 so you might have a pirated version. That being said, i have not used PE design for years and I am not familiar with 3D embroidery but I think it is the Viking software. I don’t have a good working knowledge of the other programs (although I am working with Embrilliance right now), so I would suggest that you take one software – the one that you are most comfortable with and enjoy working with – and focus on that one. Take into consideration the amount of tutorials and quick tips and help that you can get with that software. I too have been using Embird for around 10 years, and I find that it covers just about every detail that I need to work with, and I am comfortable working in embird, so it makes the “work” fun and easy. We do also run Tajima DG15 as our main digitizing software so I do focus on that – but i still use Embird :). I am hoping as time goes by, I can get my hands on other embroidery software from other companies so I can work with them and have a good feel for other programs, so when I get questions like yours, I am able to answer them completely! So hopefully some of the other companies will do that eventually :). I know that is not the exact answer you are looking for, but hopefully that helps you to decide which one to use.

  2. ladypatty1 Avatar

    Can’t get to the class videos, it takes you to GoDaddy only

    Created by Marcy for Patty

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      Wow, sorry I made a mistake on the link! Thanks for pointing it out! The videos can be found at

  3. Patty Avatar

    thank you so muxh !!!

  4. Christina Avatar

    Like it, thank you so much ^^ !!!

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