I had to come up with something really awesome for a gift for a friend.  Its one of those friends that basically have everything, or if they don’t have something they go out and buy it.  You know the type – the impossible to buy for type friend.  I put some thought into it and i realized that I can design the perfect gift for my friend using monogramming!

Monogramming is an awesome style of embroidery.  Its personal, its custom and it’s just simply awesome.  I  have to tell you, everyone loves a monogrammed gift!  EVERYONE!

So i did a little research on monogramming.  There are many styles, forms, traditional lettering and everything in between.  The research was a bit overwhelming so I relied on my imagination and my own brain to come up with my own design.

I did however stick to traditional monogramming style that I liked:  three letters, with the letter in the centre a little bit bigger.   One tradition is that the middle letter is the initial for the last name.  I took my friends initials and picked a really groovy font to use – the font is named “bellbottom” and i thought it looked awesome!  its nice and thick at the bottom and swirly fancy at the top.  It’s not quite the normal old english font that is traditionally used, but I liked it so much I broke the rules a little bit.

I looked at the initials and thought it was a bit simple for what I wanted to do.  I wanted to monogram nice big fluffy towels to match their bathroom.  After a quick trip to Walmart for towels, I was ready to go.  I picked the towels to match the main color of the bathroom, and the monogramming lettering is the secondary colors of the bathroom, so it will match perfectly and look amazing.  But again, i wanted something with a little more flare to suit their personality and of course the style of their house.   So i thought about it a little bit and came up with a really nice flower design with flourishes and swirly bits and of course some flowers.  I changed all of those collars and made the top of the monogram design a bit smaller and the lettering a bit bigger.  BOOM!  that’s it, its perfect.  (of course for the illustration below, i change the colors and lettering)

Monogram embroidery design on a towel
I changed the original colors  to pretty and bright colors and of course the letters to OML 🙂

See how awesome that looks, even on a plain white towel?   It really has a flare with the nice bright colors.  Imagine matching those colors and the lettering to the decor of the house., and it really looks amazing.

Here are a few different views of the design:

Monogram embroidery design on a hatMonogrammed bath robe

I really, really like this design!  its nicely balanced and looks great on just about anything that I have stitched it on.

Monogramming:  Great for gifts!  Stick with traditional monogramming or think outside the box and come up with your own style.

I liked this design so much, I decided to share it with everyone!  Grab it in the store


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