Lettering fun with Hatch Embroidery V2

Let’s get creative with lettering. Not just word art, shaped word art! Letters and words that make a shape! It’s so much fun and creative! Today’s class will be in Embird​, released at 4PM EST. Make sure you watch them all!!  The actual design is built in to Hatch 2 (or Wilcom E4) I can’t remember, LOL) BUT the FISH are what we are creating in the class!  I picked thread colors to match the actual design and so that the FISH FISH would look like they belonged with the design.  Isn’t that cute?  Imagine the things you can create with shaped lettering!  Keyfobs?  mug rugs?  add to other designs?


Here is the link to the video in Hatch Embroidery Software V2:

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