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If you havn’t been watching this series, catch up! Lynne is brand new to machine embroidery and knows nothing about it, other than watching OML Live! videos and learning with me on Sundays while we stitch out Anita Goodesign projects. She had so much fun, she decided to join in with her own machine!

Lynne has learned so much – she is fantastic at trimming applique and learning her new machine. Satin stitches are her favorite type of stitches because they cover up any trimming mistakes. In the Hoop is her thing, she loves her own creations!

Last weekend, Lynne took her embroidery machine home and joined in her first OML Live! sew along stitching out the pretty Halloween flower machine embroidery design!

She did a great job – looks great – but had some issues and then broke a needle. Join us for this video where we discuss what happened, change the needle and try to fix the design that is still in the hoop! Can we do all that??

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