Learn to hoop towels the easy way!

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In this video, I am going to show you how to hoop a fluffy bath towel with little or no hoop burn. You can use your embroidery hoop properly for towels! Yes, it can be done! If you do get some hoop burn, I will show you how to get rid of the hoop burn quickly and completely. Hooping a towel: there are a few things to do. If you have a hooping workout, you are not doing it properly and you are causing the hoop burn! Yes, it is true, you are. Hoop burn is caused by the compression and subsequent “dehydration” of the fabric that is compressed and squished between the two parts. When the hoop is too tight and you have to push, you are further compressing the towel fabric. The solution is to make your hoop fit the towel better by making sure that the hoop is loose enough so that it goes into the right place with only a little bit of pressure. Once you take your towel to the embroidery machine and stitch out your design, remove the hoops and fluff up the towel fabric. That’s pretty much it! In this video, I hooped the towel with a 4×4 hoop from my multi-needle embroidery machine as well as the small hoop from my Brother Dream Machine 2 (McDreamy) (both brother embroidery machines, a multi-needle and a single needle embroidery machine) to show you that hooping a towel can be done with any embroidery machine hoops. Using this technique, you will be able to hoop any type of fabric and create any type of embroidery design. You can do applique on a towel, or an in the hoop embroidery design (just skip the last step) so anything goes. Pro TIP: for a large embroidered towel like the one I am using, make sure you have your support table on your brother Multi needle machine. If you are using a Brother Dream Machine 2, make sure that you have the embroidery design and hoop rotated so that the bulk of the towel is not going to get caught up on the embroidery machine arm and doesn’t get too heavy for the embroidery arm to move properly. Plan it out so the towel stitches out smoothly.



Happy stitching!

Sue Brown 🙂

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