How to place designs, Part 2

Do you have issues with proper placement of your designs? Tired of measuring and second guessing yourself? I have answers to all of your issues!!

If you are having issues with embroidery design placement, Designs in Machine Embroidery has an economical and easy answer: THE PERFECT PLACEMENT KIT. This is a fantastic way to quickly and properly place your embroidery designs – I am going to show you the whole Perfect Placement Kit and how easy it is to use.

Here is the link for this awesome kit:

Here at oml embroidery, I love to try out new tools, new techniques and let you know how they work or if they work. You can see everything that is in the kit and exactly how to use it. I will be using this kit in my videos, it makes everything easy – no measuring, no guessing, no mistakes. The perfect placement kit just works for any machine embroidary designs.

This Kit will work perfectly for placement of any embroidery designs – stitched, applique and placement for embellishments like a monogram on an in the hoop project.

in my opinion, this would be a perfect kit for embroidery beginners just learning the skill of embroidery and more experienced embroiderers. If you know a beginner embroiderer, introduce them to perfect placement kit and save them tons of embroidering time, and of course embroidery mistakes.

Once you get the perfect placement using the templates, then you can take it to your embroidery machine. I have a Brother Dream Machine 2 and a brother PR100E embroidery machine, so I can either use the snowman stickers that get recognized by the machine, or you can use the placement stickers that come with the kit. If you are using the placement stickers, then you can either use the camera to line it up, or drop your needle to get everything perfectly aligned. Yep, it’s really that easy!

Make your embroidery look amazing – on towels, the corner of napkins, burp cloths and even pillow covers – if your embroidery is placed properly, your final embroidered product is going to look the best it can! You can use the templates for all of your machine embroidery projects.


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