Yes, we have an issue that we need to resolve.  In this blog, I am going to explain it all to you clearly and with some numbers.  Hopefully at the end of the blog you will have an understanding, and also have a certain level of enthusiasm to get this going.

Let’s do some Youtube Math

It has been brought to my attention that people are actually downloaded the classes and videos that I have uploaded from youtube! While that may not shock you, it certainly shocked me. Why? There are a few reasons, and they are good reasons.

Let’s travel back in time a bit first. I have been creating fun, interactive and educational embroidery classes for almost 5 years now. Yay! The feedback is that the classes are great, and people learn so much about embroidery and improve their skill. The only hard part to my knowledge was paying for the classes. Well, it’s not really a downside, but people had a hard time paying for them.
I know I have said this before, but I came up with the idea of Youtube. I thought it was a fantastic idea that really suited everyone! It was brilliant, really! You get free classes, machine instructions and tech talk, plus lots of embroidery learning fun. The most important thing you get are CLASSES!! Full, complete detailed classes that will teach you some cool embroidery skills. Perfect, right? In my eyes, it sure is. You guys get what you want, and I get to DO what I want and we can all have fun. There is only one tiny thing to consider – and believe me it is not the MAIN thing that I consider, but it is there. And that’s money. Yes, that evil money rearing its big, fat head. Do you work for free? Do you spend time and money ever single day, 7 days a week doing stuff to help other people? No? Well, I do! I have been uploading a video and classes 5 days a week for 3 months. Woohoo! People are having fun with the lessons and classes and quick tips. But, money money again, I am not getting paid. Ok, this is really not about me becoming rich or any big deal like that, I am only looking for minimum wage, ish. No biggie.
No, I am not asking you to pay some cash for anything. I am not selling anything anywhere. I am not doing any work for anyone else – my main daily focus is on videos! Live videos, too! So how am I supposed to get paid if you don’t do it? YOUTUBE. Let me explain clearly how it works, and then I will get back to the downloading issue.

People that have a youtube channel can make money – depending on how many viewers you have, you can make a little or a lot. But how? It doesn’t make sense to most people.
Let’s break it down into simple ways that I can make money from youtube. Youtube tracks numbers for everything that goes on with the channel – and these numbers can add up quick.

SUBSCRIBERS: youtube pays attention to the number of subscribers you have – the more the better. The more subscribers you have, the more important youtube thinks you are, and youtube will change it’s algorithm once you start getting more and more subscribers. What that means is that if you are popular by having lots of subscribers, everyone will see your videos – youtube might even put them on the home page! Youtube liking you will lead to more subscribers and more people watching your channel.
VIEWS: views are very important to YT! As with everything, the more you have the better! YT loves viewer engagement, and the number of views fits into there. What is considered a view? Every time to watch the video, even if you only watch part of it! Every time counts!
LIKES: well, this is probably too easy – the more likes you have, the more engagement you have and the more youtube will pay attention to you.
SAVES IN PLAYLISTS: maybe you don’t know this one, but every time you save a video to a playlist, it counts. Along with all of the other things above, youtube will find the channel more valuable and engaging, and that goes around in the big circle again – if youtube sees an engaged, happy channel with views, likes and shares, it is going to get to work and make sure people know about the most popular video!
COMMENTS: again, comments show engagement and values the videos more to youtube. So even if you comment with a 😊 it counts as engagement, and helps show the value of the video and the channel to youtube. If everyone did these things for each video, wow. Things would move along.
SHARES: Yeah, if you share the video (there is a link so you can grab the URL or share directly to facebook, pinterest etc.) Shares are very important for so many reasons. Shares show engagement and also VALUE. Huh? If you like, save and share the video, it shows that you value the video – that you are engaged in it and find value in the video – enough to tell your friends how awesome it is, and save it for later.
TIME WATCHED: Yes, it is actually important how much you watch the video – it again shows engagement! If you put up a ton of videos and no one watches them, youtube will not pay much attention – you are not putting out valuable content.
Those are the main things that youtube looks for – and these are the things that youtube values – and if youtube values it, then it becomes more popular, gets more views, likes and shares and MORE people can benefit from the content. More, more more and then more! It works very well really! I have done my part, I have put out valuable content – classes, tutorials, challenges, Crazy quilt lessons, and so much more. I need YOU to do your part now. I find it hard to believe that no more than 200 of you viewed the classes in 3 weeks? Or months? I just can’t figure it out.
If you watch a video and then download it, I get 1 view, 1 like and 30 minutes of view time. You don’t save it to a playlist and you don’t view it on youtube anymore. That’s something, right? That’s helping, right? Yes, and no, not really. 1 view is great, but how many times are you viewing the download? I thing probably quite a few times. How about 10? Probably more, but 10 is a nice number. So whoop-de-doo, right? 10 lousy views. But wait. You are not the only one doing this. I know people are downloading the videos because the numbers do not add up properly. Math time.
Let’s take that 10 views that I have lost. There are 1K people in the group, and 7K+ subscribers. So 8,000 people are engaged with a class. OK, probably not everyone is engaged, so lets drop that number down to 6,000.
So if half the people that are engaged are downloading the classes, that would be 3,000 people.
For those 3000 people that have downloaded the class, I lose 10 views each.

3,000 x 10 = that is 30,000 VIEWS LOST! AND THAT’S JUST FOR ONE CLASS.

I have around 30 classes….so lets take that 30,000 lost views x the 30 classes that I have:

30,000 x 30 = 900,000 VIEWS LOST.



Can you see why this is not working out? I am losing nearly 1 million views. Having that 1 million views will send the channel into a whole different level. Youtube will pay attention. If youtube pays attention, the channel will get more popular and I can do more vidoes!

Please stop downloading videos to your computer. Please watch them on youtube again and again. SHARE. LIKE. COMMENT. PUT VIDEOS IN A PLAYLIST. It all counts! THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO KEEP GETTING NEW VIDEOS – NEW CLASSES – NEW IDEAS – Like, comment, share and playlist.

Along with someone telling everyone that you could easily download the videos, another person said that she paid a fee for a software so she could download the classes. Wait. You actually paid a fee so you could download my Free classes and not give me any credit for it? Or help the channel in any and every way possible. Like seriously, people are going to pay SOMEONE ELSE, but won’t pay for my classes? Or won’t click a like button, comment and share the videos – all of which takes like 1 minute for each video and is free! REALLY?

What am I supposed to do now? Maybe you don’t understand all of this, or maybe you think I am being too picky or too money oriented, but I want you to think about this. WHERE CAN YOU GET FREE CLASSES AND FREE HELP FOR THOSE CLASSES? Anyone? Anyone at all? Does anyone else put up videos that are truly free, not trying to sell you a design, or sell you software? Most other videos out there are really trying to sell you something, even if you don’t realize it. I am not selling anything. I don’t work for anyone. Everything is REALLY FREE.



So, let the feathers be ruffled, let people be outraged at my blog, let people voice their opinions. Let’s go. Bring it on.   If anyone has any idea as to why this is not working, other than mentioned above, please let me know in the comments.

I am going to take a bit of a break. This downloading issue discovery has upset me so much, and it’s not good for my health and my heart condition.

Until next time,


18 responses to “HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.”

  1. Rhonda Jones Avatar

    This is so very saddening! I completely understand where you are coming from with this blog post. I for one am very greatful for all of your expertise and knowledge that you so FREEly give. Your request for support in return is also quite generous as it’s not even a monetary value from the end user’s perspective. I am appalled that people in today’s society are the way we are. Sue, when I found YOU, I believed (and still do) that you were the answer to my prayers for learning as I can not afford the other classes or higher end software. You have been EXTREMELY generous and I can not thank you enough! I have not been active in over a month as I won’t have internet again until next week and have moved to the country where cell signal is not consistent but I surely hope to get back up and going after next week. I pray that God blesses you with the financial support for ALL of your hard works. (I would pay to study under you). I just have to start making something first as I am currently unemployed since moving. Good Luck! I surely hope God reaches his loving and generous hands down to you and showers you with enormous blessings!!

  2. Susan Harris Avatar

    I didn’t really understand how You Tube is….Its just sort of there! Thank you I now understand better!
    I love your tutorials. They are very helpful and I will like and post more. The world is very connected now so its easy to view your tutorials on line virtually anywhere so there is no need to download really unless you live in a grotty internet area, Thank you for enabling me to get a little better at digitising every time i watch!

  3. Sue Lee-Cann Avatar
    Sue Lee-Cann

    I honestly didn’t know how YouTube worked (but I haven’t downloaded either). I will watch and not download, but I’d also be happy to donate a suggested fee for your lessons rather than lose them, and I’m sure others would too.

  4. Christt Avatar

    Wow!! Kind of upset I just found you NOW!!Randomly looking for videos for wilcom studio e4.. looking foward to more interesting videos.. please keep up the great work!!

  5. Val Warren NZ Avatar
    Val Warren NZ

    Why clog up your machine when it is easier to check in watch on youtube I always find another to watch while I am there thankyou for your help

  6. Harriett Brawner Avatar
    Harriett Brawner

    I had no idea that is how YouTube works Sue! I loved your classes before you went out on your own and still do, but I confess that I busy haven’t made the time to sit down and watch them. I actually prefer having them on YouTube because I can watch them anywhere, so downloading isn’t attractive too me. I’m going to be more intentional with watching and liking your work! Thank you!

  7. Sharon Lawrence Avatar
    Sharon Lawrence

    Well said Sue. Why is it that we ‘crafters’ always undervalue our time (and yours). Come on everyone, lets support OML and watch the classes on youtube. KEEP ON LEARNING!!

  8. feelingateaze Avatar

    Well said Sue. Why is it that we ‘crafters’ always undervalue our time (and yours). Come on everyone, lets support OML and watch the classes on youtube. KEEP ON LEARNING!!

  9. Sherry Avatar

    I think that a lot of us (myself included), didn’t realize how viewing your videos on YouTube works in your favour. While I have personally never downloaded the videos and have always viewed on YouTube, I will now be more aware and willing to share likes and comments.

    Speaking selfishly, please don’t stop the videos. I love them and can generally see something new to try each time I rewatch them. Plus they encourage all of us to think outside the box (there is not one right or wrong way to reach a desired end result).

  10. Cyndi Parks Avatar
    Cyndi Parks

    I don’t get it either! You do good work and I have to watch them multiple times any way just to get the idea in my head better.

    I think the other issue, though, is people may not have internet access in all rooms of their house (yeah, I know, not everyone is savvy on the wireless router business, like the hubs and son are) and want to take you into different rooms with them so they can watch where ever and when ever without worrying about internet access. It’s a thing to want to have the videos any time, that’s why I bought the Embird beginner set from you about six months ago. You on a usb I can take anywhere!! (which is actually a better option than loading down a hard drive needed for digitizing storage. 😉 )

    But that’s me preaching to the choir. I’m frustrated for you, putting these things together is time consuming as well as band width eating to up load. All of which cost money. People need to respect that.

  11. Kaye Avatar

    I like watching your you tube channel, I’ve got embird and just started to do digitizing just for myself, I like watching how to do things it really helps. I appreciate all you do. You make it look so easy.

  12. Hilary Ellert Avatar
    Hilary Ellert

    Oh my! I will read this blog carefully and be sure to do all I can so that you get all the YouTubian credit you can get. I’ll even watch the adverts that I usually click “skip” on… I Promise! So please keep helping those of us that need so much help to start using software that has been sitting unused for far too long! You have the BEST videos! I have been trying to learn from some others and gave up because it all got too complicated before I understood the basics. I have a lot of trouble remembering numbers and on some other videos the teacher threw a lot of information around about compensation and density stitch length…all things that she endlessly fiddled with until I was sure I would never learn. Now I just take a breath, watch yours and realize I can learn the basics before I have to make intricate adjustments.
    Thank you soooooo much

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      Thanks for your support! It really helps! I have a new series of videos releasing today that will help you! and yes, take a breath and watch and learn – you will be so happy at what you pick up in this series – it’s a game changer.

  13. Sharon Berger Avatar
    Sharon Berger

    Totally agree with you, I have a play list, I don’t download anything. You really should do maybe a membership club fee. Other people do it all the time especially Cricut channels. They charge $1.00 foe subscriber and go up from there.

  14. Barbara Richter Avatar
    Barbara Richter

    I totally understand where you are coming from! I can’t understand why, with all of the views, there aren’t more likes and comments! You are a God-send to me, and the biggest reason I decided to go ahead and purchase Hatch, even though I have Embird and have for a while. I just am so impressed with the ease of Hatch, but wouldn’t have done it if I knew I had to go through the years of basically self-taught Embird! I went ahead with Hatch because of the videos you post, and believe me, right out of the box, I’m learning so much and am so excited! Thank you Sue! I’ll keep watching, liking, saving, and commenting and hope my small contribution helps!

  15. Susan Jones Avatar
    Susan Jones

    I have had Embird studio for around 5 years and despite paying for a tutorial have never managed to create a single design because I just didn’t get it… Then I found you two days ago and I have created two beautiful designs so far. You method of teaching what to do and importantly what not to do and why is the reason I am finally able to utilise the program. Please please don’t stop, I agree with all the others if there was a small subscription charge I would definitely pay.

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      I am so glad you have been able to create designs in Embird! Awesome!!

  16. Cindy King Avatar
    Cindy King

    I am so new to all of this. I am so sorry people can take advantage of your site. You have helped me so much and I am only beginning!!! I try to tell everyone I know to go check out your site. I am going to call my Distributor, where I buy all of my supplies and some of my machines. They sell the Wilcom software, where I got mine. But they do not offer much help. They need to know what a Fantastic Site you have. Thank you for ALL THE HARD WORK!!!! Please continue to make your wonderful Educational Videos!!!!!!!

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