Grandmother’s Garden Quilt Blocks

A classic old style quilt made modern and in the hoop – and stitches out fast and easy. You will love stitching this design on your embroidery machine instead of hand stitching each and every hexagon.

It took me a few weeks (and a few swear words) to get the pattern correct, using the standard 1inch hexagon and making the entire design modern in the hoop but making sure it kept the old-school look of small handmade stitches.  After lots of testing, tweaking, and changing, I finally came up with the Grandmother’s Garden in the hoop with four blocks and set up for pre-cut hexagons and regular applique.

You can stitch the flower blocks (left and right)  to make a flower quilt: 

Or you can use all four blocks to create a diamond shape pathway before and after the flower blocks.

Or you can use blocks 1 and 2 together to make a diamond-shaped hexagon quilt.

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