Free Standing Lace

how much do you love FSL (free standing lace)? Personally, I have always thought that FSL was the most fun you can have with your embroidery machine! FSL bookmarks are a great gift in a card. Have you tried using metallic thread and make Christmas ornaments? What about beautiful shades for battery tea lights? Around here, we like to use the tea lights on shelves, the coffee table and outside in the summer.

All FSL is not created equal, however. There is awesome FSL and dense FSL. I prefer the awesome! I have done a lot of research and decided that the “old” style FSL is awesome. I grew up with tatting, filet crochet (teeny tiny crochet) and fancy lace created by my Grandmother and my Great Aunt. I was always captivated with the look and the hard work they put into each and every stitch. I looked back at old pictures, and some of my Grandmother’s books as well as looking up books and patterns going back to the late 1800’s to study the old patterns and styles!

The old style lace is very usable. You can stitch one, or you can stitch many and sew them together to make a doily or you can even stitch directly on fabric or jeans. Just about anything goes!

I have added more and more lace to OML Embroidery so you can enjoy lace too! So far, I started a series of Lace tealights called Welcome Gnome. It’s going to be an ongoing Gnome Tealight village with Gnome Homes, gnomes, the Tree of Gnome (like the tree of life, but for gnomes) and soon there will be more gnome characters and homes and maybe even gnome gardens, too.

Check out some of the new lace designs and enjoy the old style lace with a modern twist with your embroidery machine. Join me in this lace journey and get stitching some free standing lace!

Happy Stitching, and thanks for your support!


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