We are having some classroom issues with the hosting company – and although we are paying for the service, the video quality is not good enough! So we are going to try another classroom hosting company and see if we can get some better results. We are going to offer a FREE CLASS for everyone to attend, so we can fully and properly test out the classroom for everyone and ensure that we get better results. We will need 25 people to sign up for the FREE EMBIRD CLASS, so we can have a full classroom and fully test the software. We will be posting the details shortly.

Thanks for your patience, and we have hopefully found a better host and we can make the classes run smoother and a lot more clear. Yay!

details and sign up information will posted soon!

8 thoughts on “FREE EMBIRD CLASS coming soon

  1. I just purchased the first 3 classes and am anxious to try this new classroom approach with the new service.

    • As Isaid on my prior email, I am interested in any basic clipart digitizing class on Embird. I have just got th program and want to start there since I am no designer.


  2. I love Embird and have Basic, Font Engine, Iconizer, and Studio. Have created my own designs and really would enjoy your class to improve my skills.

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